Ghostwire: Tokyo Started Out As The Evil Within 3

Ghostwire: Tokyo Started Out As The Evil Within 3
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Joseph Kime


8th Feb 2022 13:31

Ghostwire: Tokyo looks like it could be something incredibly special. The new adventure from Tango Gameworks is backed by Bethesda and looks like a fascinating (ultimately bizarre adventure) across a dystopic and eerily quiet Tokyo - with plenty of spooky to keep it fresh.

It's a big move for a fresh IP that could pay off dividends for both teams, but as it turns out, the project was almost an entirely different game. Let's spare a moment for The Evil Within 3 and the threequel we'll never see.

Was Ghostwire: Tokyo Nearly The Evil Within 3?

Ghostwire: Tokyo Started Out As The Evil Within 3
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Rather than turning their heads to an all-new experience, Tango Gameworks almost stuck to what they knew by making a sequel to The Evil Within series, the horror game peddled by Bethesda that launched in 2014.

GameSpot recently got to see a hands-off demonstration of Ghostwire: Tokyo, where it was revealed by the game's development team that Tango began work on The Evil Within 3. Sadly, their ambitions and ideas strayed so far from what made the series what it was, that they decided that it was different enough to warrant its own brand new IP.

There's one major difference that Tango Gameworks wanted to specify, though. The team behind the game was sure to assert that, unlike The Evil Within, this game isn't set to follow in its genre's footsteps.


Is Ghostwire: Tokyo A Horror Game


Though the first series of games by Tango Gameworks were survival-horror titles, they've made sure to see that Ghostwire: Tokyo isn't the same, and is rather an action-adventure game with some spooky elements and themes. Don't expect some big scares along the way, but prepare to blast through poltergeists with some seriously freaky abilities instead.

Excitingly, we're told about a bit where a whole "room can flip like the house in 'Scooby-Doo Meets Batman.'" But instead of spells being used in a psychological way, Ghostwire: Tokyo is ditching The Evil Within's Resident Evil and Saw inspirations. Ghostwire: Tokyo is shaping up to be something really special, and with any luck, it could yet become the defining title for the studio - and perhaps, their spooooooookiest.


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