Helldivers 2 players sick of bugs…and we don’t mean Terminids

Helldivers 2 players sick of bugs…and we don’t mean Terminids
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Joseph Kime


15th Apr 2024 12:10

Arrowhead Game Studios and Helldivers 2 are still kicking ass all over the cosmos, enjoying a peak that couldn't have been predicted for it - but frankly, it's earned it.

The co-operative shooter is an expert at binding players together as a unit, even if they've never played together before. It creates a unity against the Terminid and Automaton monsters that many games are desperate for following the carnage of yesteryear's toxic Call of Duty lobbies.

Helldivers 2 is prospering massively, and players are all the better for it. Still, that doesn't mean it's without problems, as fans are bemoaning the title's slew of in-game bugs. 

Helldivers 2 fans are starting to notice the cracks in the game

Maybe it was clever for Helldivers 2 to use Terminids as enemies so that players wouldn't see the flaws in the game when they Google "Helldivers 2 bugs."

One player has taken to Reddit to express their frustration with Helldivers 2's growing list of problems. Many agree that, on a technical level, the game needs a little work. "I love the game but all the bugs and unfun design choices are really starting to get to me,” says u/Insane_Unicorn on the Helldivers 2 subreddit.

They explain, "Not one mission anymore where something doesn't break, be it getting stuck under the map, camera yeeted out of bounds or stratagems simply refusing to work. [...] It's probably time for a break and wait at least for big fixes and hopefully some design overhauls."

There are a lot of frustrations like fire tornadoes and sandstorms plaguing games, as well as visual bugs that see Terminid limbs stretch across each planet's huge map.

Automaton hulks are insta-killing in a new glitch

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As pointed out in the same post, Helldivers are reporting a serious issue. As perhaps the toughest foe in the robotic arsenal, Automaton Hulks are one-shotting players with their flamethrower. Fire is a real point of contention for players, but for it to instantly kill is an unfair bug that's taking the fun out of waging war against them.

There's little doubt that Helldivers 2 could do with some work, but thankfully, these bugs aren't enough to strip the whole game of its excitement. If Arrowhead Game Studios can patch up the holes as quickly as it can add exciting new features, the SS Helldivers still has a long sail ahead of it.

Joseph Kime
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