Helldivers 2 players are convinced the devs have nerfed its popular Railgun

Helldivers 2 players are convinced the devs have nerfed its popular Railgun
Images via Arrowhead Game Studios

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Joseph Kime


19th Feb 2024 14:55

Helldivers 2 is crushing it with fans right now, and players are feeling the draw of democracy and destruction more than ever. The game goes all in on its bonkers concept, letting players blast insectoid monsters into chunks in a bid for intergalactic peace, by means of chaotic hyperviolence. Silliness pours through the game’s veins, but Helldivers 2 isn’t different from its contemporaries in that it needs to be kept in check.

The game needs balancing just like any other shooter - and it looks like Arrowhead Game Studios have very quietly made a change that has confused fans.

Helldivers 2 may have quietly nerfed its most powerful weapon

A fighter looks down the sights of their weapon in Helldivers 2.
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Players have noticed that Railguns don’t feel quite as powerful as they once did, and they’re wondering if Arrowhead Game Studios have deployed a stealthy nerf of the weapon.

Railgun stealth nerfed yesterday?” asks one fan on the Steam discussion page. “Railgun no longer seems to be 2-shotting Bile Titans as of yesterday. None of my groups are able to do it anymore. [...] I went from wrecking these things all week to them requiring 7-10 hits overnight.

Other players are feeling the same sting, with some claiming that if you catch a bug in the jaw, it’ll still polish them off nicely - but others are still struggling to take them out in a couple of shots otherwise. Things are feeling tougher for the weapon, that has become a real fan favourite, but one fan has pointed out that the problem might not be the Railgun.

The nerf may not be the Railgun itself

An explosion erupts in front of a fighter in Helldivers 2.
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It has been pointed out in the responses to the claim that Helldivers 2 included in its most recent patch notes that the difficulty for most of the levels near the end of the game has been cranked. There is a pretty strong chance that players could be experiencing this rather than a nerf to the Railgun - it may just be that so many players are loving and using the Railgun that they’re not noticing that the weapon itself has remained the same.

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No matter what’s happened, players aren’t feeling the same about the weapon, and feel as though Arrowhead is pulling a fast one on them. The reign of the Railgun may have come to a close.

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