Halo Infinite gets a much-needed boost thanks to Season 5 update

Halo Infinite gets a much-needed boost thanks to Season 5 update
343 Industries

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Joseph Kime


18th Oct 2023 15:44

Halo Infinite has been on its arse for some time now.

The game, once hoped to carry Halo into the future, saw a pretty hard dropoff once seasonal updates failed to impress and fans grew slightly tired of the campaign's repetitive gameplay loop. 343 Industries has since laid off swathes of staff, and it seems that their lofty ambitions have delved the company further into the pits than they've ever been.

But in a pretty shocking turnaround, it looks like something could be about to change.

Halo Infinite's player count kicks into overdrive in Season 5

Reports from SteamCharts that indicate a sharp rise in players of Halo Infinite.
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Halo Infinite has long been far from its soaring heights on Steam, with the game's launch turning out a monstrous quarter of a million players at launch, scraping around 1,000 players concurrently in a day as its new low point.

However, it looks like things are changing, as the latest content update for the game has offered the Steam numbers some levity.

The release of Season 5 of Halo Infinite has done wonders for the player numbers of the game on Steam as reported by Steam Charts, reaching a concurrent player number of 18,003. This might not seem like much compared to the soaring heights of its first days, but its return is pretty huge.

Halo might already be moving on

A Spartan wielding a rifle in Halo Infinite.
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343 Industries

It seems as though the new boost in player numbers might not be the news for 343 Industries that we'd thought, as new reports are indicating that the team is already moving on and working on the next single-player campaign for the Halo franchise, moving on from Infinite and its promise.

It's of no surprise given how quickly players abandoned it - but those same players look to be coming back. Who knows, a gigantic comeback could be on the horizon.

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