343 Industries reportedly making big moves on new Halo game

343 Industries reportedly making big moves on new Halo game
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Joseph Kime


16th Oct 2023 11:00

Halo Infinite was meant to be the poster child of Xbox's output for years to come. Though Master Chief remains iconic as ever and will belligerently show up in all of the console's marketing, it was hoped that his latest adventure would go down more of a treat.

Sadly, as time wore on for the initial Game Pass banger, interest waned, and it has been sat in sad dormancy ever since. Despite 343 Industries hoping Halo Infinite would carry the franchise forward with its seasonal updates, it's hard to keep players engaged when they feel they've seen it all before.

And now, it looks as though 343 Industries have finally accepted Infinite's fate, moving on to bigger and better with the next Halo game.

The next Halo game is reportedly in development

A Spartan, rifle in hand, in Halo Infinite.
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Though many had expected 343 Industries to keep its attention on Infinite, new reports claim the developer is already looking to hop onto the next game in the Halo series and is actively working on its Campaign. 

In a video with Bitcast 269, the Editor-in-Chief of Seasoned Gaming claimed that 343 Industries is hard at work on the single-player campaign. "Do I have any info on the Halo campaign?" Ains asks himself on the SG Bitcast 269 Podcast.

"What I can say that I know, is that yes, they do have a team working on the next Halo campaign." He explained, "It is part of that restructure that is building the next generation of Halo on Unreal." It's a compelling claim - but, of course, we shouldn't be getting too excited yet.

New Halo is still years away

The key art for Halo Infinite's multiplayer mode.
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Even in spite of the claims, Ains says we shouldn't be expecting anything to poke through the woodwork for some time."I don't know - if I'm a betting man, I think I told a friend the other day that the earliest I would expect to see another Halo single-player campaign outside of Firefight and stuff they're doing in Infinite, is a couple years."

It's a pretty standard response at this point, with Ains concluding, "It's going to be a while, so don't hold your breath." Xbox has some massive games like Starfield out at the moment, and with the Activision Blizzard King deal only just signed, we imagine Phil Spencer's attention will be elsewhere.

Considering we first heard about an Infinite sequel as early as December 2021, it's likely 343 has already been cooking something up for a while. Thankfully, there's still plenty of seasonal content to come for Infinite - even if there are fewer players to enjoy it by the day. 

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