Guardians Of The Galaxy Review Round-Up Sees Critics Surprised

Guardians Of The Galaxy Review Round-Up Sees Critics Surprised
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Emma Hill


25th Oct 2021 16:10

Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy may have not had the best reception from fans in the lead-up to its release. If it wasn't the gameplay footage leaving fans furious, it was the thought that the upcoming game would require an gut-wrenching 150 GB worth of storage

However, the team over at the Eidos-Montréal game studio, who developed Guardians Of The Galaxy, clearly heard the fans worries and decided to do something about it. Not only did the team cut the whopping download size in half, but Eidos-Montréal hyped up the excitement by releasing the fantastic soundtrack for the game, featuring legendary tunes that we are never gonna give up. 

It seems the results have paid off as the reviews from critics has been generally positive with the majority of the reviews wavering between the middle and very nearly the top mark. 

What Have The Critics Said About Guardians Of The Galaxy?

Many critics have gone on to praise the game for its brilliant writing, dialogue, and storyline. Although some critics gave Guardians Of The Galaxy a fairly average review, others have even go as far to call the game, their personal favourite of the year. However, some reviewers have found some technical problems while playing the game.


There were some technical issues with Guardians Of The Galaxy
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Luke Winkie - PCGamer "Guardians of the Galaxy desperately wants to be a technicolor, starfaring adventure worthy of the multimedia powerhouse that shares its namesake. It accomplishes that with its story, its voice cast, and its wonderfully cheeky '80s pastiche. If only the technical side could better keep up with those ambitions." (70/100)

Dave Irwin - PCGamesN "It does so much right, only for one wrong detail to take me right out of it. The 16-hour single-player action-adventure game dazzles with spectacular visuals and a strong story. However, the simplistic combat boils down to barking orders as Peter runs around taking potshots and making ‘pew pew’ noises[...]On the whole, Guardians of the Galaxy succeeds where it counts most." (7/10)


Guardians Of The Galaxy received a warm reception from critics
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Tom Marks - IGN "Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy nicely balances a goofy, action-filled adventure with some genuinely heartfelt story moments, and the choices you’re given can add some surprising personal twists to your particular playthrough. Its combat and level design are relatively simple if still consistently entertaining, but it’s the relationships and banter between its characters that keep everything fresh as they evolve." (8/10)

Dean Abdou - GAMINGbible "While I found Marvel’s Avengers to be such an important game for Muslim representation, Square Enix has knocked it out of the park again by making this an important game about mental health. It tells a fun yet important story, and while the mechanics at times can be frustrating, Guardians of the Galaxy is a really enjoyable experience that I would recommend to a wide audience." (8/10)


Some critics gave Guardians Of The Galaxy a very high score
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Andrew Reiner - GameInformer "As a fan of the Guardians’ comic books and movies, I thoroughly enjoyed Eidos-Montreal’s unique take on this supergroup. The nonstop character banter and nicely designed choices make this a journey worth taking, even if the gameplay takes a little too long to highlight the team’s true potential." (8.5/10)

Richard Devine - Windows Central "The team behind Guardians of the Galaxy can be immensely proud that they've not only made a good game, but they've made a good Marvel game [...] Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is a triumph and a game that truly deserves to wear the famous red and white logo. It also brought a tear to my eye, make of that what you will." (4.5/5)

On the whole, it looks like Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy has been certified as a great game by critics. Not only have the characters been written perfectly enough to capture the affection of the players in such a small amount of time, but the storyline has also received high-praise. Of course, there have been some criticism aimed towards the game's simple combat and the various technical problems that some reviewers experienced. However, Eidos-Montréal has promised that these problems by the time the game received its worldwide release on October 26. 


Emma Hill is a former Junior Journalist at GGRecon.

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