Guardians Of The Galaxy Confirms Huge Download Size Has Been Halved

Guardians Of The Galaxy Confirms Huge Download Size Has Been Halved
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Joseph Kime


20th Oct 2021 15:40

Ah, Guardians of the Galaxy. The upcoming game is hoped to be a shot in the arm for the Marvel’s game series if it can stick the landing. It has already seen a lot of controversy for its gameplay styles, and only allowing players to play as Star-Lord, arguably the least interesting character in the galaxy’s most diverse superhero supergroup.

And, recently, it was revealed that on top of this, the game would come in at an utterly whopping file size that would rival even the likes of Warzone, a hall-of-famer for its inability to compress its files.

But now, the studio behind the game have come out to quash the rumours, and lucky us - we won’t have to scrub our hard drives to make room for the galactic romp.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Won’t Actually Be 150GB

Fans truly kicked off about the game’s file size, but thankfully, it has now been confirmed that Guardians of the Galaxy won’t actually be Groot-sized.

A tweet from the official Guardians account has revealed Eidos Montreal’s mercy - "Hey everyone! We wanted to give you an update on the final size of the PC version of the game, which will not be 150GB. The team is in the last stages of optimizing the final game and we can confirm the file size will be approximately 80GB at launch." Phew.

Plus, there’s even more good news when it comes to Guardians of the Galaxy’s downloads.

Guardians Of The Galaxy’s Preload Is Available Now On Xbox

Hopping on the trend that should have come about years ago, Guardians of the Galaxy is getting involved in preload, a feature that allows players to download the game ahead of time so that they can dive straight into the game when it officially launches.

Replying to a Twitter user in the replies, Eidos Montreal confirms that preload for Xbox is available right now, it will be available on PlayStation 48 hours before the game’s launch, and that they’re also looking into getting it ready for Steam users too.

Guardians seems to have ducked further controversy with its launch - it just needs to be a good game now. No pressure.


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