Guardians Of The Galaxy Developer Cancels Stranger Things-Inspired Game

Guardians Of The Galaxy Developer Cancels Stranger Things-Inspired Game
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Joseph Kime


2nd Nov 2022 09:59

Eidos-Montreal has done the gaming world a huge favour that may never be able to be repaid. It revived hope in Marvel games.

After Marvel's Avengers, players were burnt out by a game that took some of the most beloved characters in the world and smashed them together into a game that was mediocre at best - blending buggy gameplay and combat that doesn't make an awful lot of sense for a game that intends to be fun.

The announcement of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy was met with scepticism, but the devs proved the world wrong with an incredible story with a huge amount of love and care. And as it turns out, the game isn't all the team has had up their sleeves - but sadly, an exciting new project may never see the light of day.

Embracer Group Shuts Down Square Enix Montreal

According to a new report by Bloomberg, Embracer Group has made the bizarre and distressing decision to shut down Onoma. It's the game studio that was renamed from Square Enix Montreal mere weeks ago.

The company was a part of the acquisitions that gave Embracer the keys to the Tomb Raider and Deus Ex franchises, and the shut-down is a huge shock to the gaming industry, as its effects are rippling across the company's studios.

Some of the company's staff will be moving to sister company Eidos-Montreal, with some games being cast to the wind as of recently. The report is pretty intense - but it reveals some big changes for Eidos-Montreal.

Eidos-Montreal Cancels Stranger Things-Inspired Game

The report goes on to indicate that Eidos-Montreal once had a "kids on bikes" game in the works that was heavily inspired by Stranger Things, but that it has now been scrapped. The team is now working on a "recently rescoped" new IP, and are in very early development for a new Deus Ex title.

There's also word of co-dev partnerships for the company, including one with Xbox for Fable. The whole ordeal is a bit of a mess, but it's still sad to see Onoma go and Eidos-Montreal let go of a game that could have been a smash-hit. Netflix, you know what to do.

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