Stranger Things Actor Is Better Than You At VALORANT

Stranger Things Actor Is Better Than You At VALORANT
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Jack Marsh


31st May 2022 15:26

Grace Van Dien, now more well-known as Chrissy from Stranger Things thanks to her heart-warming performance in the Netflix Show's fourth season, is more than just a cracked actress - sorry - as she's shown off one of her many other talents in recent weeks.

The 25-year-old American sweetheart has danced into the hearts of Stranger Things fanatics by taking the reins of a possessed cheerleader, but she's no stranger to being in front of a camera.

In fact, alongside roles in The Village and Charlie Says, she's also an avid gamer by the alias of "BlueFille", and she's actually a solid VALORANT player.

Stranger Things' Chrissy is Cracked At VALORANT

Dien revealed her gaming alias on social media following Stranger Things Season 4's release, announcing on her Twitter that she will be going live on Twitch. Shortly after thousands flocked in to watch her, it turns out Dien has been playing VALORANT in front of her community for over five months, and has showcased that she's pretty damn good,

"Hello! I'm an actress from Stranger Things. Blue fille (blue·fee) means blue girl. you can call me Blue or Grace. c: I play VALORANT, Fortnite, The Forest, Overwatch, etc," reads her Twitch Bio, and her About Page adds, "addicted to gaming".

The popular actress has yet to frag out in ranked play, sticking with casual gameplay, but is no stranger to crazy three-pieces while using Viper, as per her TikTok uploads.


Despite her catalogue of streams and clips having been taken down, according to Stream Charts, Dien received a 420% viewership increase following the launch of the show, reaching 1,477 peak viewers, compared to her average of 35 pre-Season 4.

While it's clear that she's too hot to handle on VALORANT, the same might not be said for her Fortnite skills, as (spoiler alert), another TikTok upload shows Dien's player meeting a similar fate to Chrissy. 

Unfortunately for Chrissy stans, we won't be seeing too many more cameos when the second half of Stranger Things Season 4 is rolled out, although we won't be completely denied any Dien content, as we're likely going to be able to hang out with the actress on stream on a regular basis.

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