GTA Trilogy Doesn't Have All The Original Cheats

GTA Trilogy Doesn't Have All The Original Cheats
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Jack Marsh


11th Nov 2021 16:04

If you had any thoughts of getting your notepads out of the loft to cheese your way through the new Grand Theft Auto Trilogy - The Definitive Edition, you're going to be rather disappointed...

The remastered version of the three GTA titles (GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas) launched on November 11, reigniting the franchise back into its former glory by flirting with nostalgia.

Repainting the classical characters and updating some of their pixelated profiles, alongside glossing over the famous maps, the GTA trilogy has been a widely anticipated box set for the ages, despite the hope that the sixth title in the main story is on its way.

GTA Trilogy Will Remove Certain Original Cheats 

The original titles that blessed your teenage years, if you were allowed the games, were full of corny cheats that could either generate mass piles of cash for your monstrous motors or allow you to manipulate the map and storylines in pretty much every way imaginable. 

However, Rockstar Games have confirmed that some of the original cheats won't feature in the new GTA Trilogy, due to "technical reasons".

Speaking to USA Today, Rockstar Games Producer, Rich Rosado, said, "We actually had to remove a couple for technical reasons, certain things that didn’t play well in the Unreal base."

Which GTA Cheats Have Been Removed?

Despite confirmation that some cheats won't be available, Rosado opted to elude from which ones have been removed. 

He continued, "That’s actually where I’ll leave it. There’s some fun with discovery," insinuating that it may only be a few that have been pulled, and that most of the cheese does remain.

Rosado also inferred that in place of the GTA Trilogy cheats that have been pulled, Rockstar Games have added a few brand-new ones, that will have to be discovered by the avid fan base. When discussing which cheats have left, he said, "I’m not saying plus or minus, but I’d rather not just go right on the nose before the release of the game and go straight to the end credits."

Whether it be a combination of your bumpers and triggers to instant-unlock all of the weapons, or a good wiggle of the analogue sticks to grant "Moon Gravity" on cars, it's going to be a lot of trialling and testing to get yourself some GTA Trilogy cheats.


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