GTA Online Players Hold A Touching Tribute To Ken Block

GTA Online Players Hold A Touching Tribute To Ken Block
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Joseph Kime


6th Jan 2023 10:56

Grand Theft Auto players owe competitive racing a lot, just as much as competitive racing owes Grand Theft Auto the same.

There's an intrinsic connection between the two of them, with the game introducing many players to the very real world of drag racing, NASCAR, F1 and the like.

For fans of racing that weren't ready to dive into the deep end of full-blown racing simulators, there was always GTA V to dive into to take on bonkers races and make a mess of other players' cars in immense pile-ups.

And fans have paid tribute to racer Ken Block, who after his recent death, has been immortalised by the actions of dedicated players.

GTA Players Create Touching Tribute For Ken Block

January 2 saw the sad and unfortunate passing of Ken Block, the incredibly well-known and beloved rally and stunt driver, who helped bring racing fans to the sport in the first place.

It was a loss for many, and those many have come together to pay a tribute to the man who welcomed them to racing - especially in his appearances in the video games Dirt and Need For Speed.

In honour of the great driver, one Reddit user has revealed a video that his racing group made, that sees them hop in trucks and cars to pull off some wild stunts in their cars.

They also pull some giant donuts around a helicopter, which is in homage to Ken Block's notorious time turning airfields into an opportunity to show off his racing mettle.

Fans React To Ken Block GTA Tribute

The video, though to many a mere video of players driving around, is a heartfelt tribute to the racer, and it has clearly touched the hearts of fans.

"Sorry, I don’t have an award available right now… but next week I'll surely award this post," says one user. "Great work!"

"I am definitely having a happy cry with this," says another. "This is wonderful and more than fitting for a great man. May Ken Rest In Peace."

It's incredibly sweet to see fans come together as a community to pay respects to a great racer, in the game that introduced many to racing in the first place. We're not crying, you're crying.

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