GTA 6 screenshot leak may show off the game’s massive map

GTA 6 screenshot leak may show off the game’s massive map
Images via Rockstar Games

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Tom Chapman


27th Mar 2023 16:54

Even though Rockstar Games is trying to keep a lid on the deluge of Grand Theft Auto leaks, that hasn't stopped fans from piecing together a loose picture of what we can expect when GTA 6 releases.

Although there have been plenty of leaks - some real and some not - over the years, the developer only officially confirmed GTA 6 in 2022. It only came after a surge in reveals from within, meaning Rockstar was largely left without a choice. Now, the leaks are back with a vengeance. 

What is the GTA 6 map leak?

While we all remember the massive data breach that reportedly exposed an early build of GTA 6, players have continued to wade through the screenshots with a fine-tooth comb. One gamer has used the leaked GTA 6 screenshots to prove how big the map will be.

We recently covered how someone had created their own bird's-eye view of the map to compare it to the size of GTA V's Los Santos. However, the latest musings showcase just how big that could really be. Posting on Reddit, u/HiiGuardian tried to distinguish the size of the GTA 6 map.

Saying that the far-off view of skyscrapers and potential downtown Vice City prove the sheer size of the game's city hub. They reiterated that its borders extend beyond the GTA V map by a wide margin. 

Responding to the post, one excited gamer wrote, "Definitely the scale is done a lot better than in GTA V. From the looks of it, Vice City alone will be at least twice as big as LS, not to mention the rest of the map, and all the incredible tiny details, this game will be amazing, whenever it will come out."

What else do we know about GTA 6?

Despite Rockstar refusing to confirm anything about GTA 6, multiple reputable sources have claimed it'll return to Vice City to cover the Miami area. Looking at the screenshots, some suggested the massive open space is a bay, and that the final map will be made up of multiple islands.

It's true that Los Santos should be much bigger than Vice City because Los Angeles is bigger than Miami, but with it being a decade since GTA V, it's clear Rockstar is going for the mantra of bigger is better. 

There was the recent reveal of the game's "first" screenshot, which many thought was too good to be true. Considering these leaks are potentially a few years old, we can only imagine how glossy things are looking now.

Up there with who the protagonists are, the GTA 6 map reveal is arguably one of its most exciting details. With only wild rumours to go on about a potential release date, we'll likely be waiting a while before we'll get to see the full map. 

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