GTA 6 release rumour would be Rockstar's biggest troll yet

GTA 6 release rumour would be Rockstar's biggest troll yet
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Tom Chapman


4th Dec 2023 15:41

It's never simple with Grand Theft Auto, is it? We waited years for Rockstar Games to confirm GTA 6 is even in the works, and then, we've been left waiting for a trailer. After that, it'll be a release date; before then, waiting for the damn thing to actually release.

Rockstar knows what it's doing, and with hype only growing with every announcement, GTA 6 is firmly on track to continue the legacy of its predecessor and be the biggest game of all time. Still, with GTA V setting the bar at such an astronomical height, others are worried GTA 6 will crumble under the weight of its own hype. 

GTA 6 rumoured release is the ultimate joke

We know Rockstar likes to think of itself as pretty clever, turning the GTA series into a parody of itself. We can only imagine all the Trump and Musk-inspired characters in GTA 6, spending crypto and buying digital apes. While we're usually in on the laughs, the rumoured GTA 6 release date would make us the butt of the joke.

As with all things GTA, take this one with a pinch of salt. Over on Twitter, @LegacyKillerHD thinks they've cracked the code, with a GTA Online T-shirt apparently having a secret GTA 6 release date of April 1, 2025. It would be very on-brand to release GTA 6 on April Fools' Day, but are you really buying this?

The ONEDAYWILLREVEALALL tee has already hidden the first GTA trailer in the sequence "12523" (December 5, 2023), but now, wannabe detectives think there's more to the code. A 2025 release would debunk all those whispers of GTA 6 coming next year, and to be honest, having to wait another 16 months leaves us feeling pretty glum. 

The joke's on us

GTA V and Vice City artwork
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When the news spilt over onto the GamingLeaksandRumours subreddit, others were rightly sceptical. We've been burned too many times before, and until we see a date stamped on the end of that GTA 6 trailer, we won't be marking any dates in our diary. 

When one said there was no way Rockstar would release the game on April Fools' Day, another chimed in, "There's also no way they're planning to release it on the first day of FY26 after promising investors FY25 would be huge." Still, April 1, 2025, is a Tuesday - Rockstar released GTA IV on a Tuesday.

Some remained positive, as another added, "If someone can drop a game on april 1st and be a complete success it's Rockstar." Another joked, "What if its a RDR3 shadow drop...a man can dream..." Even if this is the GTA 6 release date, remember that Rockstar isn't afraid to delay its titles. 

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