Ghost of Tsushima director inspired by HBO’s The Last of Us

Ghost of Tsushima director inspired by HBO’s The Last of Us
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Jack Marsh


17th Mar 2023 14:50

The lines between Hollywood and the gaming industry have often been blurred, with many titles that we've known to love playing not necessarily performing very well when it comes to live-action adaptations.

But the most recent nine-part first season from The Last of Us has completely flipped the script, and now, other games are trying to get in on the act.

One of these is Ghost of Tsushima, whose film adaptation is set to follow in the footsteps of Uncharted, and now, the director has nodded a cap towards The Last of Us. Apparently, HBO's recent adptation has inspired this new project.

Ghost of Tsushima film is 'inspired' by The Last of Us

Ghost of Tsushima is quite an exciting prospect for Hollywood to be marvelling in, given the success of the original game as a PlayStation exclusive and a renewed interest in live-action adaptations thanks to The Last of Us' blockbuster appearance on HBO.

Now, Ghost of Tsushima director Chad Stahelski - who also has the John Wick movies in his portfolio - has spoken about how TLoU has inspired him to make Ghost even better.

Speaking on the Post Credit Podcast, Stahelski said, "I hope that The Last of Us shines a further light on upcoming video game adaptions." With Craig Mazin's show breaking records for the network, it's no surprised it's lit a fire under Stahelski. 

Ghost of Tsushima and Rainbow Six movie director hopes The Last of Us effect drives sales

"Rainbow Six, Ghost of Tsushima I'm working on. Both are fantastic projects that I really hope come to fruition. But Ghost... it's got an amazing story," said Stahelski.

Hyping what's on the way, he added, "It's the anti-samurai samurai movie. It's got great thematics. We have a lot of push on that and a lot of interest because Last of Us pushing that, yes, the curse of video game-to-movie is kind of lifted."

Out of the two films, the director has eyed Ghost of Tsushima to "land" the most. It's true that there have been plenty of samurai movies over the years, but from what Stahelski is saying, it sounds like we're in for something different. 

Critics from the gaming industry will be keeping a close eye on Rainbow Six too, especially when rumours of a Henry Cavill-backed Call of Duty film are also circulating and the previous FPS adaptations in Halo and Gears of War both flopped.

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