Gekko is already a must-pick Agent in VALORANT with win-rate surge

Gekko is already a must-pick Agent in VALORANT with win-rate surge
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Jack Marsh


10th Mar 2023 17:26

When new agents come into rotation in VALORANT, it normally takes players quite some time to get used to how they work.

Whether it be getting used to the abilities or seeing how they fit into standard team compositions, agents don't typically see mass success across the board.

But VALORANT's newest Gen Z pet-proficient agent, Gekko, has already taken over the game and is the third-best agent in the game.

Gekko skyrockets to the second-best win rate in VALROANT

Having been quite the popular choice after their introduction into VALORANT, especially thanks to their Wingman, Gekko has already earned a spot as the third-best agent, in terms of win rate.

According to the statistics site, Gekko currently has a 51.3% win rate in the last 24 hours, making him also the best initiator in the game.

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Only Viper (51.4%, just a mere 0.01% better) and Killjoy (53%) have a better win rate, while the next best initiator is Skye at ninth in the list with a 50.1% success rate.

On the flip side, other initiators like KAY/O sit bottom of the pile with a 45.6% win rate, often being carried.

Gekko's win rate makes him a must-pick in VALORANT

Seeing both Viper and Gekko fight for second place behind the recently buffed Killjoy also indicates that players are attacking bomb sites much more efficiently at the moment, with both agents being efficient with their utility when working around the Spike. 

The Wingman has already become one of the most impactful abilities in the game, given that it serves the same purpose as a sixth player and can often be the perfect ploy to plant or defuse (or even fake defuse) the spike, drawing enemies out of their positions.

So, if you want to start climbing that competitive ladder, you or your initiate teammate might want to start giving Gekko the time of day, as he's making an impact at all ranks across the spectrum already.

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