Fortnite's Silver Surfer exploit is letting players phase through walls

Fortnite's Silver Surfer exploit is letting players phase through walls

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Katey Roberts


1st Sep 2020 14:42

Fortnite players have found a new exploit within the Marvel Season 4 update regarding Silver Surfer, and those lucky enough to have found the character's broken board have been reaping the benefits of being able to phase through walls.

The board can launch any player into the air to fly, but apparently thanks to Redditor MajorLeagueGMoney, the broken glitch is also allowing players to use the item inside buildings, glitching out to allow phasing through walls and floors. The user revealed the glitch on Reddit, saying: "Tip: You can use Silver Surfer board to get out of a box instantly if any side is open, sort of situational but can be useful for getting free tags/losing your enemy."

When one player asked on the thread if the item start jump would allow them to to go through builds, another commented back: "Yeah you can definitely get out of a full built metal box with the surfer item. If you’re buried in builds I don't know how far up you will go though."[sic]

The fun glitch is also being touted as a fun way to quickly escape an opponent, although the original poster notes that there 'is a cool down period' on using the item. After 15 seconds, though, the world is your oyster. 

Silver Surfer came into Fortnite as the first non-battle pass skin, and for 2,200 V bucks you can get his entire bundle consisting of the skin, his board and silver pickaxe - but you can also buy each of the individual add-ons for less.

Fortnite Silver Surfer
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The Marvel battle pass isn't set to leave the game until November, so there's plenty of time to get on and enjoy the latest updates - although there has also been rumours that more Marvel characters will be randomly dropping into the game (like Silver Surfer) as the season draws out.

Spider-Man, Hulk and Black Panther are also part of the expected drops, as well as Captain Marvel and more. It's an exciting time to still be playing Fortnite at the moment - especially if you're a fan of Marvel.


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Image via Epic Games

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