Pokémon x Fortnite is something I now need, more than want.

00:31, 07 Feb 2021

Not many game franchises will ever reach the heights of Nintendo's Pokémon. Based on the TV series that first aired in 1995, Pokémon games have been the forefront of nostalgia in recent times, having boasted many timelessly classic titles over the years. 

Starting on the Game Boy before moving on towards other handheld consoles such as the Nintendo Switch, the series has sold over 368 million units worldwide making Pokémon the third best-selling video game franchise. Behind Nintendo's own Mario franchise and Tetris, it's hard to argue that their fame and prowess has been unjustified. 

In the present day, Epic Games has dominated proceedings, having the most-played game of the year for the last three years with their title: Fortnite.

As the animated battle royale continues to attract colossal numbers, one fan has combined the two worlds by creating the Fortnite Season 5 map with Pokémon Emerald graphics. 

Going viral on Reddit, user "worrywirt" has remade the map as if it was the prime naughties era, with POI's such as Pleasant Park being marked.  

Season 5 map in the style of Pokémon Emerald 🗺 from r/FortNiteBR

Even Fortnite has undergone some crazy developments over its short history, with the top-tier players now swiftly erecting the Taj Mahal upon impact in comparison to two years ago when an accurate pump shotgun was the most effective method of playing. With a damning smack of reminiscent nostalgia, the post has reminded gamers of much simpler times. 

Although the map is merely a concept, it would be a great design for any mastermind tech moguls out there, having to wave through the long grass to Retail Row trying to avoid a wild John Wick skin. 

Pokémon x Fortnite is something I now need, more than want.



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Image via Epic Games | Nintendo

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