Epic Games has trimmed the Fortnite PC size by a whopping 60GB to allow for faster loading times and smaller updates.

02:30, 24 Oct 2020

They say that size doesn't matter, which is good news for Fortnite as Epic Games has scaled back the size of the game's PC release.

For anyone who hasn't already suited up and dived off the Battle Bus, it will now take up around 30GB of space to download the battle royale brawler on your PC. As graphics improve and games get more ambitious, we've also seen game sizes creep up over the years. 

How many times have we seen a game download advise us to come back in a few days? It's hardly what you want when your latest title is fresh out of the virtual box. Thankfully, the likes of Epic Games are taking these critiques into account. Only recently, Activision allowed players to uninstall certain parts of Call of Duty: Warzone to allow the shooter to dial back its download size. 

What's the new Fortnite PC download size?

Epic Games made the announcement on Twitter and confirmed the new pint-sized Fortnite is ready to go. Until recently, downloading Fortnite on your PC would take upwards of 90GB of memory. Stripping the game back to between 25GB and 30GB is great news for gamers who prefer PC over console. We all know there's nothing worse than a sluggish computer. 

The sacrifice is a much larger patch update that will introduce the more streamlined version of Fortnite. Epic promised this will improve loading times and pave the way for smaller patches in the future. Being able to reduce the game's size by so much makes us question what un Earth was taking up so much room, but either way, it's great news for PC players.

Of course, the current legal battle with Apple means you won't be able to boot up your Mac to play the latest edition of Fortnite. While the title was once a goliath of the App Store charts, Epic trying to circumnavigate Apple's 30% cut on purchases led to a war of the giants. Although Apple claimed it would work with Epic, the developer refused to remove its Epic Direct payment system and accused Apple of running a mafia on the market. As the case continues, there's a Fortnite-shaped hope on Macs and iPhones. 


It's crazy to think how much game sizes have ballooned in recent years. Yes, Fortnite is very different from what it was back in the day thanks to the addition of new modes like Party Royale, but still. Back in 2018, Fortnite would take up around 18GB of space to download, making the recent size of 90GB gobsmacking. Fortnite is the latest title to get the trim as Bungie has also vowed to reduce the download size of the Destiny 2: Beyond Light DLC. Why not try out your new Fortnite mini?



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Images via Epic Games

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