Fntastic shows no remorse as it confirms The Day Before refunds: "S*** happens"

Fntastic shows no remorse as it confirms The Day Before refunds: "S*** happens"

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Jack Marsh


12th Dec 2023 13:40

It's being labelled as one of the biggest "scams" in gaming history and the worst release of any game, ever, but The Day Before social media strategy isn't showing a single shred of remorse.

The Day Before, once dubbed as one of the more exciting and promising zombie apocalypse titles to rival open-world games like Days Gone and story-based titles like The Last of Us, has now already been put on life support, as Fntastic revealed they will not be supporting the game moving on having entered administration.

In a four-day collapse, Fntastic has now revealed that refunds are on the way. But "s**t happens", right?

Fntastic confirms The Day Before refunds after studio shuts down

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Having first issued a statement (which has turned into a meme on Twitter) explaining that funding has run out and any sales revenue will be used to pay off debts to partners, Fntastic has begrudgingly taken to the social media platform again to answer refund requests.

"Mytona and we're currently working with Steam to allow refunds for any player who chooses to request one, regardless of game time," the company said.

Refunds are now available to be applied for on Steam, and some fans are already seeing the £33.50 land back in their wallets.

Fntastic also revealed that the IP would not be sold to another studio that could make The Day Before into the game it was supposed to be, and continued to guilt trip fans into not issuing refunds which would only pile on its debts.

'S**t happens': DayZ developers show little remorse after studio shuts down


Many fans have continued to lambast Fntastic over its treatment of The Day Before, with one fan, in particular, stating that it is "an absolute disgrace to the Video Game Industry."

But while you might expect the studio to show sympathy on social media, it showed zero remorse, and slapped everyone in the face with the stance of "This was our first big experience. Shit happens."

It's a sad moment for a game that showed so much promise after being in development since before 2021, but at least it won't be leaving players out of pocket, and it can quickly be removed from everyone's memory.

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