DayZ devs slammed for mocking The Day Before: 'Wouldn’t be so cocky'

DayZ devs slammed for mocking The Day Before: 'Wouldn’t be so cocky'
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Jack Marsh


12th Dec 2023 12:15

The horror genre has been dealt a bitter blow this week as The Day Before - a title whose trailer took the world by storm as the next great Zombie Open World - closed its studio just three days after launching the title.

The Day Before's abysmal launch left the title branded as a "scam" and this was further relayed through fan reaction to the liquidation of lead studio Fntastic, as onlookers continued to out the company for falsely advertising a live-service game.

But the zombie survivalists over at DayZ have taken a different approach and have decided to openly mock Fntastic in a savage social media post, not to the liking of many fans.

DayZ mocks The Day Before with 'cocky' post


By now we should realise that the horror genre is a dog-eat-dog world - or rather a literal survival of the fittest - and now DayZ has taken a rather gnarled bite at The Day Before after it caught an early infection and perished early.

Taking to Twitter, the DayZ team posted a mimic of The Day Before's statement and used the opportunity to self-report the previous notion that DayZ was a "dead game", which has since turned itself around thanks to a devoted modding community.

The statement from DayZ celebrated its 10-year anniversary by highlighting its "thriving success," "a decade of passion, creativity, and the unwavering support of our community," and "many more years of adventure, exploration, and camaraderie in the expansive world of DayZ."

However, this hasn't gone down that well with fans, who remember that DayZ's Alpha launch was far from clean, scoring just 31/100 on Metacritic (for PS4) back in 2019.

DayZ fans cringe at 'savage' mocking of The Day Before

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The Day Before | Fntastic

DayZ might have warped into quite a successful MMORPG nowadays, but it wasn't an instant success, and its six years in Alpha still couldn't remove all of the bugs, as the title is still being tweaked to stop rot setting in.

"Wouldn't be so cocky with your posts," one fan said. "I've been around DayZ longer than the person running this DayZ account and the game is still a broken mess.... Sure it's still being worked on, but It's not improved."

Another also pointed out that while The Day Before head developers might deserve public ridicule, Fntastic's liquidation also results in many game devs losing their jobs.

"This is pretty Savage NGL," one fan added. "While I can appreciate the joke, I'm pretty sure like 100 or more people lost their livelihood."

Other fans did see the funny side of the statement, realising that there's no time to stop for prisoners when you're surviving an apocalypse.

Nonetheless, in a time where many, many, many developers have lost their jobs, let's hope they land on their feet quickly.

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