Fallout: New Vegas Remake Reportedly On The Way

Fallout: New Vegas Remake Reportedly On The Way

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Tom Chapman


1st Jul 2021 15:25

Bethesda could be rolling the dice and betting it all on red, as the latest wild rumours claim a next-gen remaster of Fallout: New Vegas could be on the way. It's been nearly 11 years since Obsidian Entertainment took us out into the Mojave Desert for this beloved spin-off, and safe to say, we can still hear the buzz of the neon from here.

While the Fallout name is now one of Bethesda's big hitters, and it's hard to imagine a world where we won't get Fallout 5, it wasn't always the goose that laid the golden egg.

Despite early success, Bethesda was too busy on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in the mid-00s and optioned out Fallout to another developer. Fallout: New Vegas was born as the surprise hit that some still think is the best Fallout game ever.

What's the Fallout: New Vegas remake rumour?

The latest scoop comes from Tyler McVicker, who was formerly of the Valve News Network and has correctly leaked the likes of Half-Life: Alyx before it was officially announced. Although he has a spotted track record with non-Valve leaks, he claims to be in the know about all things Fallout. When asked if Bethesda Game Studios' Fallout 3 from 2008 and Obisidian's lauded Fallout: New Vegas were going to be getting remakes, McVicker gave a definitive "yep".

We don't know where he's getting this info, but either way, McVicker seems pretty adamant that they're on the way. If that wasn't enough, McVicker doubled down on claims we'll be getting an official New Vegas 2 from an "unknown company", and relayed Bethesda's plans to deliver Fallout 76 content for years to come - take what you want from that nugget of information. 

Only recently, a Fallout: New Vegas mod took the Fallout 4 world by storm and led to renewed interest in Bethesda remaking the game before starting work on Fallout 5. The problem is, we're not sure where things are up to with rights and who would lay claim to the IP of New Vegas

Is there a new Fallout game on the way?

At this exact moment in time, whispers of a Fallout: New Vegas remake are about all we have to go on in terms of where the franchise goes next. Remember, this isn't the first we've heard from McVicker about the sprawling potential of New Vegas. Earlier this year, he teased an official New Vegas 2 for the second half of the decade.

2021 will mark six years since Fallout 4 opened the doors to Vault 111 and continued the acclaimed legacy of its predecessors. It's also three years since Fallout 76 was met with a less than rapturous reception. Despite Bethesda's hopes to keep the title going and McVickers' bold claims, the upcoming closure of Fallout 76's Battle Royale mode could be a sign that the end is nigh.

Microsoft's massive E3 showcase would've been the perfect time to announce something like a New Vegas remake or New Vegas 2, but the runaway winner of this year's expo made no reveals on the Fallout front. Conveniently though, Obsidian was absorbed into Microsoft AND the Xbox powerhouse had that record-breaking acquisition of Bethesda

With a new generation of consoles and graphical capabilities at our disposal, it would be a swing and a miss if Microsoft and Bethesda didn't join forces to at least remaster Fallout: New Vegas. Sure, Fallout 3 would be another easy sell, but does that really compare to paying Mr. House a visit all over again? Here's hoping Bethesda cashes in its chips sooner rather than later.


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