Fallout New Vegas 2 'Leaked' For Second Half Of The Decade

Fallout New Vegas 2 'Leaked' For Second Half Of The Decade

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Tom Chapman


19th Jan 2021 15:00

They say the house always wins, and when it comes to Obsidian Entertainment's Fallout: New Vegas, that was definitely the case. In 2010, Fallout: New Vegas was a surprise hit for Bethesda's post-apocalyptic franchise and inadvertently became one of its best-loved entries. Ever since New Vegas bowed out, there have been calls for Bethesda and Obsidian to revisit the story. Although there have been plenty of rumours over the years, it sounds like things could be edging closer to making them a reality. 

Back before Bethesda held all the keys to the nuclear apocalypse, Obsidian brought a very different spin-off to the wide world of the wasteland. New Vegas followed a typically generic Fallout character called The Courier as he was tasked with delivering a package across the Mojave Desert. With The Courier caught in the crossfire of a turf war between the New California Republic (NCR), Caesar's Legion, and the Howard Hughes-inspired Mr. House, Fallout: New Vegas has rightly stolen a place in all our hearts. 


Fallout New Vegas 2: What's the leak?

Tyler McVicker is known for his YouTube name of Valve News Network, but is keen to branch away into other developers. In his latest post, he claimed he has "a lot of information" on Fallout: New Vegas 2. In the video, McVicker says he has the scoop on the Nintendo Switch Pro, future plans for Mario and Zelda anniversaries, Avowed, and Back for Blood. Most excitingly, he says he has insider knowledge on Fallout 76Starfield, Deathloop, and Fallout: New Vegas 2.

Although McVicker doesn't go into more detail, it's strange that he refers to the idea of New Vegas 2 as "The Frontier". Only recently, the lengthy development of a fan-made mod called The Frontier finally came to an end as it released on Steam. McVicker presumably isn't talking about the same project, so it seems suspicious that a New Vegas sequel would be named after a fan mod. Is this where McVickers' story starts to fall apart, and is he just trying to drum up interest in his YouTube channel?


Fallout New Vegas 2: Will it happen?

Although McVicker has earned a great reputation for leaking Valve news, the legitimacy of his other news is yet to be tested. It's also important to note neither Microsoft nor Obsidian have commented on the leak. Still, McVicker followed-up his video with a tweet claiming Fallout New Vegas 2 will be coming in the second half of the decade. He also said any chance of Fallout 5 will be pushed into the 2030s. 

In other news, Obsidian has a pretty packed schedule thanks to GroundedAvowed, and a rumoured sequel to The Outer Worlds. Then again, it's not impossible for the developer to also squeeze in a New Vegas sequel. There's also no escaping the fact a sequel to the beloved spin-off would be a huge hit for everyone. 

Still, the idea of Fallout: New Vegas 2 fits neatly with Microsoft's massive acquisition of Bethesda. Microsoft's $7.5 billion deal with ZeniMax Media will hopefully be finalised this year and will chart a new era for Bethesda's biggest names. Discussing what's next, Xbox CFO Tim Stuart explained how Fallout and the rest probably won't be Xbox exclusives: "What we want is we want that content, in the long run, to be either first or better or best or pick your differentiated experience, on our platforms. We will want Bethesda content to show up the best as — on our platforms". With this in mind, Microsoft taking the reins of Bethesda could be the kick up the backside needed to restart talks about New Vegas 2

Either way, this is one "gamble" that could really pay off for everyone involved.


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Images via Obsidian Entertainment

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