Elden Ring Red Wolf Boss Fight: How To Beat The Red Wolf Of Radagon

Elden Ring Red Wolf Boss Fight: How To Beat The Red Wolf Of Radagon
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25th Feb 2022 16:21

The Elden Ring Red Wolf boss fight isn’t a major story encounter, but more of a mid-boss on your way to the next frustrating foe. As such, it’s easier to defeat than both Godrick and Margit, but still has the ability to ruin your Elden Ring run and take away those precious runes if you're not careful. It’s quite limited in terms of the different kinds of attacks it can use, but if you're struggling with the Red Wolf of Radagon, here's our guide to the Elden Ring Red Wolf boss fight.

Elden Ring Red Wolf Boss Fight Guide

Elden Ring Red Wolf boss fight: Sword
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The Red Wolf of Radagon is essentially a giant glass cannon, because while it doesn't have much health at all, it hits hard. It's also incredibly nimble, dodging and leaping around the Debate Parlor the fight takes place in. 

Most of the time, it’ll be using the giant sword that it summons in its mouth. There’s nothing really special about the timing of its sword attacks, so just dodge roll away when you see it about to swing at you. Additionally, Radagon will summon a few orbs of light that transform into daggers, which will then launch towards you. While they aren’t really hard to dodge, they do hone in on you, so don’t stop moving once they fly in your direction.

Elden Ring Red Wolf boss fight: Projectiles
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Another thing to keep in mind is that Radagon likes to jump around. A lot. So be careful not to drain your stamina by trying to run around and chase it. Otherwise, if it starts attacking, you won’t have enough stamina to dodge. Your best bet is to wait until it comes to you, rather than following it everywhere.

The fight can be even easier if you summon allies to help. It’s recommended to summon the Militiamen if you have them, as they will resurrect themselves if they fall in battle. Otherwise, the Lone Wolves are a good shout to fight one of their own kind. The summons will draw the Red Wolf’s attention away from you while you whittle down its HP.

After defeating the Red Wolf of Radagon, you’ll earn the Memory Stone, as well as find a Site of Grace to save your progress.

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