Elden Ring Goldmask Mystery Solved In The Most Frustrating Way

Elden Ring Goldmask Mystery Solved In The Most Frustrating Way
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Joseph Kime


23rd Aug 2022 14:18

Elden Ring's characters are a little odd by design, much as they are in other FromSoftware works. They're what bring the games to life, and to be perfectly honest, the Lands Between wouldn't be quite the same without the quirky characters that fill it out with lore and tall tales.

If you've played Elden Ring, forget the Turtle Pope, Iron Fist Alexander, or Sorceress Sellen, one of the best is Goldmask. He's been pretty quiet though. This fella spends a lot of his time just stood in one spot, taking up space - and now some players have discovered that he once had a more interactive purpose.

What Does Goldmask Say In Elden Ring?

The following features major Elden Ring story spoilers. You have been warned…

Goldmask is a character who only responds to players with "..." and gestures towards the Erdtree with palpable faith. Elden Ring has a lot of leftover mysteries we'd love to see answered in a DLC, but in the meantime, datamines are delving deep. Goldmask might be silent, but someone has discovered he actually had voice lines buried in Elden Ring

Despite Goldmask still being a man of few words, he should have something to say in the late-game quest where you discover Radagon is actually the male half of Queen Marika. When you let Goldmask know, the man with unshaken faith changes his "..." to a bizarre, frog-like, groan. It's unclear why this line was cut, but then again, it's not really a line, is it? 

Even though this isn't exactly the stirring speech you might expect following such a massive reveal, at least it's something. The voice line is incredibly strange and probably axed for good reason, but still, players are fascinated by this peek at what the otherwise silent man sounds like. It's also interesting to see who actually voiced Goldmask.


Goldmask Is Voiced By Elden Ring's Voice Director

Goldmask Elden Ring
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The character's strange croak was credited in the game as Ryan Morris, who stood as Elden Ring's voice director for English voice acting. Morris has acted as a few characters over the course of FromSoftware's titles, including the Bath Messengers - characters whose iconic noises are a pretty impressive feat of voice acting.

There are still a lot of questions swirling around Goldmask and how he has the balls to appear in all these dangerous locations without even harming himself. As the Elden Ring world is promised to expand, Goldmask could easily return. Goldmask's voice has now been heard, but given how odd it all is, perhaps he should have just kept it quiet. It'd have been better for all of us, to be honest.

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