Elden Ring Fans Are Freaked Out By Dragons With Nipples

Elden Ring Fans Are Freaked Out By Dragons With Nipples

Written by 

Tom Chapman


8th Mar 2022 16:00

Do you remember when the world lost its sh*t and the Jurassic World franchise gave us feathered dinosaurs for historical accuracy? Well, that's nothing compared to nippled dragons in Elden Ring. Before you get out your encyclopaedia of anatomy, we know they're actually called wyverns due to the fact they walk on two legs instead of four. Still, not everyone knows the difference between a wyvern and a dragon.

The general consensus is that Elden Ring could be one of the best games of all time, and if not, definitely one of the greatest in recent years. This grisly and gothic Breath of the Wild is breaking records around the globe, and as we explore the Lands Between, there's a lot to unpack. We've only just scratched the surface of what Elden Ring has to offer, but none of that really matters because some of you can't get over wyverns with nipples. 

Why Are Elden Ring Players Obsessed With Dragon Nipples?

Over on ResetEra, someone asked the important questions and mused: "Are they mammals? Did they used to be human before they were transformed into wyverns? If so, who is responsible?" To be honest, we'd be more likely to ask why Alexander the pot guy gained sentience.

As others waded into the conversation, one wrote, "Because Miyazaki is a genius! No one has ever put nipples on a dragon before, such a visionary." Another added: "I’ve played Elder Scrolls for many generations, this is not the first time, nor will it be the last that I see a lizard with nipples." Anticipating that Rule 34 will come into full effect with some NSFW wyvern artwork, someone concluded, "Scalies, do your thing!!!" 

It's baffling to think that in a world occupied by Zelda-inspired death hands, sex toy centipedes, and weird alien people, someone is actually worried about whether a wyvern and a dragon has nipples. Still, a shot of the Tarnished taking on the winged beast went viral because of nipples. Dragons and wyverns are thought of as lizard descendants, and remembering lizards don't have nipples, we hope someone got fired for that blunder. 


Are Nipples Really A Big Deal?

It turns out a Reddit thread might have the answer. In 2000, FromSoftware worked on a game called Eternal Ring, which featured dragons as humans that had been cursed by transformation. It's a big if, but it's entirely possible the writers kept this deep cut lore for Elden Ring. 

Elsewhere, what about the great scandal of Mario's nipple erasure from 2017? When Super Mario Odyssey launched, players questioned why the portly plumber had nipples. Toad not having nipples is understandable, but for some reason, the fact the humanoid Mario did led to those pinky circles going viral. Nipples on a wyvern is a relatively minor thing, especially as the internet seems more concerned about what is a dragon and what isn't.


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