Elden Ring DLC could be even closer thanks to mysterious Steam update

Elden Ring DLC could be even closer thanks to mysterious Steam update
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Joseph Kime


16th Jan 2024 10:55

It was only yesterday that we reported an Elden Ring DLC announcement could be imminent, and it looks like we're inching closer and closer to a confirmation. A collectable company revealed that its first Elden Ring figure was coming in February - which is strange considering the game's release date of 18 months ago.

Fans have started to speculate - what is this collectable meant to be advertising, exactly? Perhaps it's an upcoming expansion to the game itself.  Speculation aside, we've been expecting Shadow of the Erdtree's arrival for some time. And now, it looks like we've got yet another hint that an announcement is on the way. 

Elden Ring's backend has been updated

The updated backend of Elden Ring on SteamDB, revealing the game's new update.
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Image via SteamDB

Here we go. In yet another hint that Shadow of the Erdtree is just around the corner, the Steam data aggregation site SteamDB just offered the game its first update in some time.

The site has detected a recently updated "Unknown App 2778580" entry in Elden Ring's DLC section, standing as the first update for the game in 15 months.

That's some time to wait for an update that ultimately doesn't mean anything to players, which means fans are assuming what you'd expect. The long-awaited DLC could be waiting in the backend of Elden Ring and holding fast until FromSoftware makes an announcement.

It's incredibly exciting, and it stands as the most compelling evidence yet that the DLC is coming soon. As Shadow of the Erdtree was announced in February 2023 but is rumoured to have been in development alongside the main game, we're waiting for a surprise drop at any point. 

Does the Elden Ring update hint at a release window? 

The key art of Elden Ring's Shadow of the Erdtree DLC.
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Image via FromSoftware

The only date listed on this new SteamDB update is the release of the original game, so there's no robust way to figure out Shadow of the Erdtree's release window. Still, the fact that this update has been uploaded to the site indicates that something, somewhere, has finished development.

The implication is that FromSoftware is biding its time before it announces when we can swing our swords for the expansion. After all this time, it looks like we are finally ready to reveal Shadow of the Erdtree. Keep your eyes on the Twitter feed - it might really be happening.

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