Elden Ring merch may hint at Shadow of the Erdtree DLC launch soon

Elden Ring merch may hint at Shadow of the Erdtree DLC launch soon
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Joseph Kime


15th Jan 2024 11:10

We've been waiting longer than we'd like for the Elden Ring DLC to arrive, and fans are starting to itch. Shadow of the Erdtree expansion promises to bring plenty of new content to The Lands Between, but considering we're now a year on from its announcement, players are growing antsy.

We've only seen a single piece of concept art so far, and while Shadow of the Erdtree promises to be suitably massive, that doesn't make the wait any easier. There's lots to look forward to, and now, new merch item have leaked - potentially revealing when we can expect the Elden Ring DLC to arrive.

New Elden Ring Merch may leak DLC date

Pure Arts is a high-quality collectable figure manufacturer and has revealed its upcoming Elden Ring goodies. Putting two and two together to make four, fans reckon that its timing is curious.

The team revealed on Twitter that the very first Pure Arts Elden Ring collectible is on its way in February 2024, adding that we should stay tuned for more details. Fans have pointed out that 18 months after the launch of the original game is pretty late for a collectable company to get some skin in the game.

Some suggest this push has been planned around the launch of a certain DLC pack. There isn't any confirmation, and even though it's exciting that the collectable is coming out at all, players are racing to Twitter to share their excitement for something that hasn't been so much as hinted at by FromSoftware.

Fans react to potential DLC launch date

Elden Ring fanatics have taken to the tweet's replies to speculate, and even though by their own admission this is a prime example of coping, it won't stop them.

One questioned, "Why February? Is there something that happens in February. Surely can't be the DLC right. I mean..haha." Another added, "Is the collectable DLC shaped perhaps," while a third concluded, "What are you talking about? I’m waiting for the dlc."

It's a big suggestion for a company that has nothing to do with FromSoftware except a collectable contract to make with a post - and maybe they're not making it at all. We're just going to have to wait and see. Sorry, we know you've done a lot of that so far.

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