Elden Ring’s most legendary player is ready for the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC

Elden Ring’s most legendary player is ready for the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC
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9th Mar 2023 10:10

Elden Ring is coming back, and we can't wait to see what lies in wait for us in The Lands Between once again. The long-awaited DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, has been officially announced, and while we don't have any kind of release date, there are hopes that it will touch down by the end of the year, reuniting our love for Elden Ring (as if we needed an excuse).

We're all incredibly excited, and to deny that would be daft - but there are some of us who are more excited than others. And nobody could be more excited to see a return to boss-slaying than the greatest boss-slayer the SoulsBorne genre has ever known.

Let Me Solo Her is ready for Elden Ring DLC

Elden Ring’s most legendary player is ready for the DLC
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The biggest meme to come of Elden Ring was by a wide margin the legendary Let Me Solo Her, the pot-headed nudist who wielded his iconic katana who would be wilfully summoned into players' games only to take on bosses all by himself, absolutely demolishing them in the process. He was a symbol of all that is good in the SouldBorne community - and he's ready to go all over again with new content.

Speaking with GamesRadar, the legendary player revealed that he's excited to get involved once again.

"I'm just so hyped since I can be here to enjoy it firsthand with other Souls fans," he says. "I missed the DLC launch of Dark Souls 3 so I was very hyped to hear it being released soon. And that's just how FromSoft works in terms of advertisements. I think it actually works in their favor announcing it like this since it gets more recognition through the internet."

Let Me Solo Her estimates killing Malenia over 4,000 times

The legendary player has become well known for his assistance of players taking on the punishing Malenia boss battle, and he's now suggested that he's beaten her "at least" 4,000 times.

We knew he was a real trooper taking on Malenia so many times, but we never expected this kind of number - but with his playtime, it makes sense.

"I am currently exploring the Lands Between and discovering new things I haven't seen before," he says. "I'm almost at 1000 hours so I'm proud of that!"

The player might be completely mad to offer such help to so many players, but we're grateful for him and the legacy he has created regardless. God bless you, Let Me Solo Her. You're the best of us.

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