Elden Ring PC Players Could Be In Serious Trouble

Elden Ring PC Players Could Be In Serious Trouble
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Joseph Kime


16th Feb 2022 14:20

Elden Ring is right around the corner now, and it's clear that some fans are struggling to contain their excitement.

Any new game from Dark Souls developers FromSoftware is reason for celebration, but Elden Ring seems special. A truly open world with a backstory devised by fantasy legend George R. R. Martin and more than enough bizarre creatures to fill a travelling circus, the game looks immense in scope, scale, and pure oddities. Even those who couldn't engage with Dark Souls are interested, and that's not a feat to sniff at.

But, if you're on PC or a gaming laptop, beware - your kit might not be up to snuff.

Elden Ring Reveals PC Specs

FromSoftware has finally revealed the specs that your PC need to live up to in order to be able to run Elden Ring, and they don't look too bad.

The specs were revealed in a tweet that showed off everything players will need in order to run the game in any capacity, and also what the team recommend for the perfect playing experience.

The graphic from FromSoftware also revealed that on PC, Elden Ring is only set to come in at a 60GB download, which given the extensiveness of the world and intricacy of the game's textures, is a pretty good result for PC players.

Although, fans are confused by one requirement.

Elden Ring Requires 12 GB RAM

The game is going to need a whopping 12GB of RAM to work, and 16GB to reach FromSoftware's "recommended" specs.

This is a lot of RAM for players to prepare for, as many high-end gaming laptops come with only 8 as standard.

Though this is trouble for some players, for the most part, these specs aren't especially demanding. It could be worse - but for some, it could definitely be better. Sorry, gaming laptop users, because you might be due an upgrade.

Curious to know the full specs? Then check out our Elden Ring specifications explainer.


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