Doomfist is next to suffer huge bugs in Overwatch 2

Doomfist is next to suffer huge bugs in Overwatch 2
Images via Blizzard

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Joseph Kime


2nd Dec 2022 13:19

Doomfist has undergone huge changes in Overwatch 2.

Once an assault-based character that many felt suited the tank class better, Doomfist is the leading melee character in the hero shooter and his agility has made him a character to be wary of when he appears on an enemy team.

But, he took a total overhaul in the new game, moving over to the tank class and fitting right in, packing more of a punch than ever with an amplified health bar. But now, it looks like he's not doing nearly enough damage thanks to a bug.

New Overwatch 2 bug makes one of Doomfist's attacks useless

A new bug has rocked up in Overwatch 2 that has made one of Doomfist's most crucial attacks entirely useless, stripping it of its damage.

The bug was shared to Twitter by GetQuakedOn, who displayed tests of his slam attack, which is doing close to zero damage when approached from certain angles.

It's pretty poor form for the character to be doing no damage with one of its leading attacks, and for its application to be stripped back almost exclusively to its rotation potential.

But, it's not this glitch that has fans worried. It's what Blizzard will do with Doomfist.

Will Doomfist be removed from Overwatch 2?

Like Bastion, Torbjorn and Mei, this glitch puts Doomfist at risk of being temporarily stripped from the game so Blizzard can find him a fix.

It's a bizarre way to approach fixing their game, but it's one they're clearly happy to take up - and let's be honest here. There's a very real chance that Doomfist will be pulled from the game.

It's frustrating for Doomfist mains, but we suppose it's something we're going to have to accept. For the time being, farewell, Doomfist - we hardly knew ye.

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