Disney may have just narrowed down the Star Wars Outlaws release window - Update

Disney may have just narrowed down the Star Wars Outlaws release window - Update
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2nd Jan 2024 17:04

Update: The Disney blog post in question has been updated to reflect 2024 as the launch year, removing suggestions of a release window later in the year.

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A new year is here, and among the biggest games expected to arrive in 2024, we have a New Hope with Star Wars Outlaws.

The first Ubisoft Star Wars title in quite some time, Massive Entertainment's open-world adventure is expected this calendar year, but a new Disney blog post over at Disneyparks.com may have narrowed down the launch window to later in 2024.

Star Wars Outlaws release window could be late in 2024

With a post focused on "24 oooh-worthy things at Disney Experiences in 2024", many of the entries are naturally focused on Disney parks and more, but there's one that mentions Outlaws (thanks, Knoebel).

"Star Wars Outlaws, the open-world Star Wars game is set to release late this year," it says under number 22 on the list.

"The game lets you explore distinct planets across the galaxy, both iconic and new.  You can risk it all as Kay Vess, an emerging scoundrel seeking freedom and the means to start a new life, along with her companion Nix. If you’re willing to take the risk, the galaxy is full of opportunity."

That's not a lot of new information that we didn't get at the full gameplay reveal back at Ubisoft Forward, but the mention of "late this year" is certainly interesting given just how much was shown at the event.

We've seen a solid chunk of gameplay, likely a vertical slice, but it's perhaps not unsurprising to see a big licensed title earmarked as a Q3 or Q4 release (although recent years have seen blockbusters drop at just about any time - we're looking at you, Elden Ring).

A spokesperson for Ubisoft offered no comment but noted that the post has been updated with a 2024 release year, with mentions of 'late 2024' being removed.

Massive Entertainment is very busy indeed

Kay Vess in Star Wars Outlaws
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Aside from Star Wars Outlaws, Massive Entertainment has just launched Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora at the tail end of 2023, and is in the early stages of development for Tom Clancy's The Division 3 having been the primary developer on the prior games.

The studio also works on its own proprietary engine, Snowdrop, which has been used in plenty of Ubisoft titles including the upcoming XDefiant, Splinter Cell Remake, and The Division Heartland.

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