Dishonored 3 was the ultimate troll from The Game Awards

Dishonored 3 was the ultimate troll from The Game Awards
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Joseph Kime


8th Dec 2023 10:55

It's another year, another showcase of controversy as The Game Awards has finally come and gone. Though timezones meant many in the UK were sleeping through it (curse these infernal timezones!), it was a pretty big deal.

Alongside a number of games getting their first reveal, Larian Studios proved its critical masterwork of Baldur's Gate 3 on the world stage by taking home the Game Of The Year award. Some leaks were on the money, while others that seemed so compelling, many believed they couldn't not be true, didn't get their look-in.

Dishonored 3 skips out on The Game Awards

Dishonored 2's Corvo, looking concerned.
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Even though Redfall fell short of many fan expectations, there are still those who rightfully leave their faith in the hands of Arkane and hope that a new Dishonored game could be on the way.

Leaks from the likes of insider Dusk Golem indicated that we could be lucky enough to see Dishonored 3 revealed at The Game Awards, and sadly, it didn't show up. Dishonored 2 released in 2016 and the standalone Death of the Outsider in 2017, so we've had more than enough of a break to warrant a return.

Rumours escalated in the run up to TGA, as players noticed the Deathloop Game Director was present at the event. Sadly, it wasn't meant to be, and the supernatural stealth banger was nowhere to be seen. But thankfully, we might have gotten something better.

Marvel's Blade is officially real, and it's coming from Arkane

Blade, looking away, at the end of the trailer for Marvel's Blade.
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The fact that Arkane's reveal didn't pertain to the Dishonored series might be a blessing in disguise, as we have a better look at its next title - a third-person Blade game thats set across Paris. Marvel games mean big business these days, and if Arkane can nail it, Blade could be up there with Insomniac's Spider-Man

We only have a cinematic trailer introducing Eric Brooks so far, but the atmosphere has already been spelt out. Redfall had its faults, but sticking with fanged foes, it seems like slashing across Paris and taking down a syndicate of vampires might be… the most fun ever? You can check out the trailer for the game here.

Those leaked FTC documents hinted at Dishonored 3 from Bethesda, so there's a chance it's out there somewhere. Still, Blade is something new. Despite its last vampire-themed outing being a crushing defeat for Arkane, Blade is its chance to redeem the team here. Bring it on.

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