Capcom reveals Monster Hunter Wilds, but you'll need to wait a while

Capcom reveals Monster Hunter Wilds, but you'll need to wait a while

Written by 

Lloyd Coombes


8th Dec 2023 04:11

Can you believe it's been 5 years since Monster Hunter World rejuvenated the franchise? We've had Rise between now and then, but many series fans have been waiting for the long-awaited Monster Hunter 6.

Well, you might be waiting a little while longer for Capcom's next mainline entry. Monster Hunter Wilds was revealed at The Game Awards 2023 - with a 2025 release window.

Monster Hunter Wilds is coming in 2025

Monster Hunter World launched in 2018 on Xbox One and PS4, before being ported to PC. Monster Hunter Rise arrived in 2021 as a Switch exclusive and was later shifted to PS5 and Xbox Series X.

That means Monster Hunter Wilds will mark the franchise's first brand-new entry to debut on current-generation hardware. It'll also launch on PC via Steam.

It appears the game will put that horsepower to good use, with the trailer showcasing a huge environment packed with smaller creatures than you'd expect from World or its Iceborne expansion.

it appears Palamute-style rideable creatures are back, albeit less furry and more feathered this time around, and that stampeding monsters will kick up dust, barge through each other, and react to some quite incredible lightning.

There also appear to be new traversal mechanics, with the almost Chocobo-like mount hopping across rocks and gliding before a larger monster (possibly a Rathalos?) is seen in the distance.

In a short interview with the Monster Hunter Series Producer, Ryozo Tsujimoto, he explains that there's much more to reveal.

“This announcement is just the start, so there’s a lot about the game we can’t go into detail about yet."

Tsujimoto said fans can expect to hear more in Summer of 2024. For now, I'm booting up Monster Hunter World and Iceborne again to grind out some more armour sets and weapons.

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