Diablo IV lets you skip the campaign

Diablo IV lets you skip the campaign
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27th Apr 2023 09:13

In the run-up to the launch of Diablo IV, it feels as though most of what we've been told focuses heavily on how long it's going to take its players to get through.

Diablo is no stranger to dragging its players through the mud, but also for a very long time. Now, the latest mainline title is no different, with devs boasting that the game will take over 150 hours for players to reach max level.

But, even though there is a lot of emphasis on making players engage for a long time, there is a means for players to skim over it.

Diablo IV will let you skip its campaign

A developer behind Diablo IV has confirmed that if players have already beaten the game and want to kick into gear once again, they won't be forced to go through the game's campaign if they simply don't fancy it.

The latest video unearthing some new details and tidbits about the dungeon looter was a great watch, but one fan spotted something important. "The new Diablo 4 video just dropped and there is a skip campaign button that was showcased!" says Twitter user DatModz. "Thank you for respecting my time @Diablo."

"Gotta beat the campaign once for this," responds Diablo's Global Community Development Director in a surprise tweet. Well, that's handy to know.

It's a great addition to the notoriously grindy game that will undoubtedly save fans a lot of time, especially if they have their own upcoming action in mind.

How long is Diablo IV?

Diablo IV lets you skip the campaign
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As revealed by a series of interviews and revelations, it has now been confirmed by developers that it will take up to 180 hours for players to reach the maximum level of 100. More than this, it'll take roughly 80 hours for players to grind through the first Diablo IV battle pass.

That battle pass will only last for a few months, so when the game launches, you'll want to get cracking right away. With battle pass refreshes coming every couple of months, at least there will be plenty to keep you coming back for more. As for the grind, it's not like you had anything important to do instead, right?

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