What Crash Team Rumble devs learned from Call of Duty & Overwatch

What Crash Team Rumble devs learned from Call of Duty & Overwatch
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Amy Eastland


23rd Jun 2023 17:43

Toys For Bob are primarily known for working on single-player platformers, namely games such as Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy and Spyro Reignited Trilogy. Fans of a certain vintage may even recognise them from Pandemonium.

The team is back with Crash Team Rumble, and while the idea of a MOBA-style Crash game may lead to a furrowed brow or two, the team has been spending time with Call of Duty and Overwatch devs to prepare.

Learning from the Giants

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As a title arguably outside of the studio's wheelhouse, having Activision's support made all the difference, Dan Neil, Creative Director, and Paul Yan, Studio Co-Head revealed in a roundtable interview with GGRecon and more.

“I think the experience that we've had in supporting both Call of Duty and Overwatch has helped us along. That's all knowledge,” Yan explains, pointing to developing using Demonware - the engine used to help develop Call of Duty among others.

The duo describe it as the “battle-hardened technology fueling Crash Team Rumble," which is also supported by additional studios under the Activision banner.

“This is the first time we're moving into multiplayer. I'm super excited about it, but we've also got this team of Activision behind us that's fully in support of this game," Neil adds.

Neil also explains how the team is using playtime metrics to inform balancing within the game and to help accrue feedback.

“We record a lot of data coming out of all of our play sessions. We're looking at win rates and combat ratios, and that's a process that of course we've been doing all through development.

"But we're toys for Bob," he says. "We're not thousands and thousands and thousands of people.”

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