Crash Team Rumble devs reveal best counters to Crash's toughest opponents

Crash Team Rumble devs reveal best counters to Crash's toughest opponents
Image courtesy of Toys For Bob

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Amy Eastland


23rd Jun 2023 17:42

Crash Bandicoot is one of the most well-known and iconic franchises in gaming, and a new Crash game has entered the fray. Toys For Bob, the developer of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy has been working on its next project and is releasing Crash Team Rumble, a new innovative MOBA for all ages to enjoy. This title is published by Activision and has had a lot of love put into it. 

However, as players get further into the game, they may encounter tricky battles against certain characters. Luckily for us, Studio Head Paul Yan and Creative Director Dan Neil let us in on some of the best counters that you can use against certain characters within Crash Team Rumble.

Mastery and Longevity

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One of the most important parts of Crash Team Rumble was the uniqueness and versatility of the character design. When asked about what went into their character design, and choosing how they performed in the game, Dan Neil explained the need for “nuance and complexity so that players who put a lot of time into the game can develop a mastery, but it’s also important to have that entry point feel good.”

Given that Toys For Bob has developed titles for all ages, with a focus on iconic platformers such as Pandemonium, Crash Bandicoot and Spyro, it's perhaps no surprise that Crash Team Rumble is so accessible.

“You want counters, and counters to the counters, to the counters," Yan explained. "This is how players can learn the game and get better at the game.” 

Counters to Counters

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That being said, whilst some matches may seem impossible, every character has its counterpart. One particular standout in our preview session was taking on a team of N.Tropy.

“Neocortex has a piano drop and if you can time that to land right after N.Tropy slams down, that's pretty effective," Yan said, noting its potential for knockback, too.

“She [N.Tropy] also has a projectile that can be evaded,” Yan explains.

It's not just N.Tropy that's likely to cause chaos for Bandicoot fans, however, with Dingodile also likely to be popular - and maybe even part of a nascent meta.

Dan Neil had a great explanation for Cat Bat’s counter, but equally how easy it was to avoid their attack.

“An attack from Cat Bat from max height will knock a Dingodile away,” Neil revealed.

“Even with that dive bomb, as powerful as it is, the moment that they initiate that attack, there's a decal that's on the ground, which is a warning to the opposing team," Yan added, again pointing to the need for counters to counters.

For more on Crash Team Rumble, find out why working on Call of Duty and Overwatch was so helpful for the Toys for Bob team with the second part of our interview.

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