Crash Bandicoot movie teased after Mario Bros. success

Crash Bandicoot movie teased after Mario Bros. success
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25th Apr 2023 16:58

Ratchet & Clank got its time on the silver screen, The Last of Us broke records with its wildly successful HBO series, and Lara Croft has had more movies than we care to count. These former and current PlayStation juggernauts all leapt from console, so where's Crash Bandicoot?

Since that orange marsupial first spun onto the PlayStation in 1996, the Crash Bandicoot series has cemented itself as one of THE defining platformers alongside the likes of Mario. While Mario has recently nabbed his coins with The Super Mario Bros. Movie, the Crash team is teasing him as the next box office smash. 

Is a Crash Bandicoot movie on the way?

Like The Last of Us, Uncharted is another Naughty Dog favourite that found itself a new home in cinemas. As Crash is another of the developers' big names, it makes sense his icon status moves into a new medium. Even if Naughty Dog no longer holds the wumpa fruit, Crash's new owners are hinting at his future. 

Toys for Bob is known for delivering the acclaimed Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time in 2020 and has made numerous winks toward a potential Crash 5 - even teasing it in It's About Time. As we watch the TNT block tick down to Crash 5, Toys for Bob has also hyped a Crash movie. 

Celebrating the release of Crash Team Rumble and The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Toys for Bob said the crew thinks it's time for a Crash movie and tagged Sony animation. This was backed up by hopeful fans, with one responding, "I'd watch it a million times."

Another added, "I love that you tagged Sony specifically because that's who I'd pick to make a Crash movie too," while a third joked, "Only if Crash Bandicoot is played by Chris Pratt."

A fourth brought the impending Activision Blizzard acquisition into it and concluded, "That would be a cool way to repair business relationships, Microsoft and Sony working together to bring Crash to the big screen."

We nearly had a Crash Bandicoot cartoon in the '90s

There were lots of responses us reminding us how we nearly had a Crash adaptation before. In 2015, industry veteran David Siller uploaded parts of an animated Crash Bandicoot series that was canned in the '90s due to Sony's assistance in pushing the franchise into 3D.

The Crash cartoon was inspired by Animaniacs and looked pretty impressive, but it wasn't the only time we dipped our toe into Crash animation. In 2021, footage from a supposed partnership between Activision and Amazon showed off another canned cartoon. Apparently, it was due to script issues.

Could it be the third time lucky for Crash adaptation? Activision has also hinted that the Microsoft merger could usher in a new era for our furry favourite, so more games and a movie adaptation could go hand in hand. Here's hoping. 

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