It Sounds Like Activision Is Bringing Back Spyro And Crash Bandicoot

It Sounds Like Activision Is Bringing Back Spyro And Crash Bandicoot
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4th Feb 2022 10:07

Ah, the gaming world in the late '90s - a simpler time. As Link played a merry tune in Ocarina of Time, we had a colourful Pikachu following us in Pokemon Yellow, and tried to escape the Black Mesa Research Facility in Half-Life, Sony was off doing its own thing.

Long before the PS2 was the best-selling console of all time, we had the underrated OG that was synonymous with its muted colour palette and colourful triangle, circle, cross, and square. Back then, there were a myriad of franchises that helped the PlayStation become a household name, with Lara Croft and Crash Bandicoot duking it out as the console's mascot.

Are Crash Bandicoot And Spyro Coming Back?

Sadly, while Ms. Croft has continued to shoot up the competition with her dual pistols, other franchises from the early days have started to gather dust. We know Crash Bandicoot has had something of a resurgence thanks to 2017's N. Sane Trilogy remastering the first three, while 2020's It's About Time continued the story as a proper fourth entry. 

There's also a questionable future for the forgotten Spyro the Dragon after 2018's Reignited Trilogy breathed new fire into the franchise. Microsoft's (hopeful) upcoming acquisition of Activision Blizzard sounds like it will be the best move for these former PlayStation favourites. Discussing the deal during Activision Blizzard's latest financials, CEO Bobby Kotick said, "As we look to the future, with Microsoft's scale and resources, we will be better equipped to grow existing franchises, launch new potential franchises, and unlock the rich library of games we have assembled over 40 years."

Kotick's musings come after Xbox boss Phil Spencer officially name-dropped IPs like Guitar HeroHexen, and Kings Quest. In terms of platforming prowess, few have done it as well as Crash and - to a lesser extent - Spyro. Importantly, both are an easy sell for retro gamers that will be curious to see if there's life in these old dogs - sorry, bandicoots and dragons.

Is Microsoft The Right Home For Crash And Spyro?

Although there are plenty of dormant franchises, Crash and Spyro are the ones PlayStation fans are the most worried about. Only recently, we saw outrage that one Xbox exec seemed to gleefully boast about Crash's new home - considering he was once a Sony Stan. Then again, there hasn't been a PlayStation-exclusive Crash game for decades, while Spyro hasn't had a new entry at all since 2008's disappointing Dawn of the Dragon.

There might be plenty of anger that Crash and Spyro have found a new master, but we've got to admit Sony wasn't exactly kind to either in later years - diluting them until they were just a shadow of their former selves and eventually handing them over to an open market. Nostalgia is all well and good, but if Activision Blizzard's acquisition gives us a brighter future for these adorable adventure titles, let's be 'avin you. 


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