CouRage Slams Developers For Not Releasing Ranked Play At Launch

CouRage Slams Developers For Not Releasing Ranked Play At Launch
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Jack Marsh


19th Jan 2023 12:26

Former Call of Duty World League caster and avid Warzone streamer Jack "CouRage" Dunlop has taken a swing at the Modern Warfare 2 developer.

CouRage is taking the devs to task for their lackadaisical approach to Ranked Play, which is only set to arrive four months after the game was released.

Dunlop's career - peaking as a co-owner of 100 Thieves - has been an astronomical rise from his casting days, but seldom a day goes by where the ex-stage host forgets his Call of Duty roots.

Now, with a delay to Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 meaning players will have waited four months for the playlist to come out, he's taken it up with Infinity Ward - claiming it's one of the main reasons why players are not logging on. 

CouRage Angry With MW2 Devs Afer More Ranked Delays

With Modern Warfare 2's Ranked mode having been snubbed in favour of a CDL Moshpit playlist in Season 1, many players expected this to come with Season 2.

However, Call of Duty confirmed that despite Ranked being set for Season 2 officially, the update is being delayed further.

The delays mean that Ranked is not going to be arriving on the expected February 1, and will instead come alongside a huge array of changes to the game on February 15.

With this, CouRage took to Twitter to say, "Ranked Play needs to be a priority off launch to help incentivize players to keep playing multiplayer and to help with the growth of the CDL."

CouRage Demands Ranked Playlist To Be Prioritised

Players have flocked away from Warzone and Modern Warfare 2 in recent weeks, with the developers admitting that the player count has plummeted, and this is what CouRage is pointing towards in terms of player retention.

"It should be a much bigger priority in the development cycle," added CouRage. The comments were also echoed by a range of competitors and Ranked fans, all of who are struggling to find any enjoyment in Modern Warfare 2 at the moment.

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