Controversial Overwatch 2 Change Potentially Axes Mercy's Resurrect Ability

Controversial Overwatch 2 Change Potentially Axes Mercy's Resurrect Ability
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Joseph Kime


18th Nov 2021 15:32

Overwatch 2 certainly hasn't been without controversy since its announcement - and in fact, its announcement was a point of controversy too. They just can't escape it, eh? The original launch of the game's trailer spurred concerns of a title being announced before it was even remotely ready. 

Now, the reveal that only one Overwatch tank character would grace in-game battles - and that the game was pushed back even without a concrete release date - fans aren't able to get excited about a new Overwatch title - because there's so much worry that it won't even come out at all.

Thanks to a leak, a major part of one character's skillset could have been removed, much to the dismay and fury of her mains.

Mercy's Resurrect Ability May Be Axed From Overwatch 2

As a new kick in the teeth for Overwatch fans and the world of healers at large, it turns out that Mercy, the one "true" healer of the series, could have her most crucial ability wiped in the new game.

The leak comes from streamer EeveeA, who has revealed on Twitter that they had suggested a new change to Mercy's abilities. If these nerfs come to the game, it could come at the expense of her incredibly useful resurrect ability.

The tweet revealed the "Angelic Blessing" ability instead of resurrect. If implemented, it will send a soul to a teammate - allowing them to use Mercy's flight ability once. If it isn't used in 6 seconds, it vanishes. It has a 20-second cooldown compared to the revive's 30, but the ability seems much less useful and applicable in combat.

This isn't yet confirmed - but there's a chance we might still get to keep the resurrect ability. If not, the fan backlash proves that Overwatch 2 should seriously consider adding it back in.

Mercy's Resurrect Could Still Be In The Game

With the reveal of Overwatch 2 came the reveal of a new gameplay system that allows you to choose from a limited list of abilities for each of the game's characters - so if Mercy's new ability is set to take the place of resurrect, there's every chance that you can still pick it out if you want it in-game. We'd certainly hope so, as Mercy's resurrect is a core part of her identity.

With Mercy being one of the best health-focussed characters, this could end up being an incredibly drastic change that seriously alters her pick-rate. Here's hoping she's still as useful in Overwatch 2 - because we're not sure lobbies will last long without her.


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