Classic Call of Duty wave causes Xbox to sell out

Classic Call of Duty wave causes Xbox to sell out
Infinity Ward | Microsoft

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Jack Marsh


21st Jul 2023 17:00

Microsoft is already rubbing its hands after sparking life into the Call of Duty franchise this week, reigniting classic games and servers. It has now indirectly boosted the sales of Xbox consoles to the point of sell-outs.

Reactivating the old Call of Duty games at a time when Warzone is enjoying an ambitious crossover tailored towards newer fans appears to have been a strike of genius, as thousands of old-school players have flocked back to the golden age games.

But with more players now on the likes of Black Ops 2 than on Halo Infinite, Microsoft is winning across the board, as sales for Xbox consoles have shot up and sold out.

Xbox consoles 'sell out' after classic Call of Duty reboot

According to the popular insider page XboxNews, gamers around the globe are reporting a spike in Xbox sales. It's got to the point where consoles are being sold out as those PC-heavy CoD fans want a slice of the action on console.

"In the NYC area, none of the GameStops have brand new Series X consoles in stock," one fan added on Twitter. The classic throwback games have only been activated on Xbox, by Microsoft, which means that anyone on PlayStation or PC is being left behind.

This must differ from making the Call of Duty series Xbox exclusive in the eyes of Microsoft though, as it has signed a deal with Sony to keep the same versions of the franchise on PlayStation too.

Microsoft is already reaping the rewards of the Call of Duty takeover 

Call of Duty Xbox
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Activision | Microsoft

Although the Call of Duty player count is in demise, except for the CoD Mobile community, which is now its biggest asset, Microsoft has clearly begun to find out what power Activision beholds.

The account also claimed that sales of the Series X|S are up 84% on Amazon, showing that the Activision merger will be worth the hassle once it is over the line.

With Activision now set to announce Modern Warfare 3 in the coming weeks through an in-game Warzone event, the future appears to be bright for the series, which is in need of a good shake-up.

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