CD Projekt Red breaks silence on Sony acquisition rumours

CD Projekt Red breaks silence on Sony acquisition rumours
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Tom Chapman


30th May 2023 11:25

Oh, you almost had us there, didn't you? As the console wars open up old wounds and the Blues clash against the Greens, it briefly looked like Sony had made its next move against Microsoft by acquiring CD Projekt Red. Sadly for Sony Ponies, this isn't the case at all.

Much like an episode of Game of Thrones calling your loyal bannermen, both Microsoft and Sony have been gobbling up studios in an attempt to bolster their ranks. Microsoft is arguably leading the charge, with Bethesda being a major win and the pending Activision Blizzard deal being one for the history books.

Is CD Projekt Red going to Sony?

It's not that Sony is without its winners, with big names including Insomniac Games and Naughty Dog beavering away on PlayStation exclusives. Former Xbox beau Bungie has also defected to the blue team, but for now, CD Projekt Red is staying in neutral territory.

Known for The Witcher games, CD Projekt Red is a pretty big deal that's restored its once-lauded reputation by getting Cyberpunk 2077 back up to scratch. There were recent rumbles when Destiny 2 leaker Liz (via IconEra) claimed "PlayStation plans on buying CD Projekt Red." These rumours quickly took off as gospel.

Now, CD Projekt Red PR rep Ola Sondej has taken to Twitter to clear up any confusion. Saying, "Re: The latest rumor," Sondej added, "Yah, we're not in such talks with Sony." It was then over to CEO Adam Kiciński, who put the nail in the acquisition coffin during CDPR's quarterly investors call

"Nothing has changed," said Kiciński. "I can repeat what we've been saying throughout the year, CD Projekt is not for sale. We want to remain independent. We have, I believe, an excellent strategy - not easy to execute, for sure - but it's very exciting to follow our own path."

Is Sony looking at more studios?

The Witcher stag attack
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Although whispers of CD Projekt Red's potential buyout have grown in recent months, the acclaimed developer has reiterated it's not for sale. Despite Cyberpunk 2077's rocky start and troubles with the upcoming Witcher multiplayer, CDPR is on solid ground and will debut the Phantom Liberty DLC at Summer Games Fest. 

Even if the Witcherverse isn't ready to be absorbed into the gaming giant of Sony, there are plenty of other developers out there. The likes of Capcom and Konami were doing the rounds once upon a time, while there was the wild rumour that Sony was gunning for Grand Theft Auto's Take-Two Interactive.

The obvious question is, "If not CDPR, then who?" Following a somewhat disappointing PlayStation Showcase being branded the "worst ever," Jim Ryan could do with the good news of a major acquisition to give Sony a boost. Whatever happens, Geralt of Rivia won't be flying blue banners anytime soon.

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