Wild Rumour Claims Sony Is Trying To Buy Take-Two Interactive

Wild Rumour Claims Sony Is Trying To Buy Take-Two Interactive
Rockstar Games | Unsplash - Marcos Ferreira

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Joseph Kime


28th Feb 2023 11:14

The gaming industry is in a peculiar spot at the moment. We're in something of a limbo as we wait for Xbox's potential purchase of Activision Blizzard to either go through or totally crash and burn in the face of claims that it could monopolise the industry. It's a lot.

Many of us just want some Activision Blizzard titles on Game Pass, and at this stage, it's starting to feel like it isn't worth the hassle. As the console wars rage on, is Sony secretly rolling out the big guns in retaliation? 

Sony May Be Gearing Up To Buy Take-Two Interactive

We've known for some time that PlayStation is pretty miffed about Xbox's deal with Activision Blizzard, and if new rumours are to be trusted, it sounds like the blue camp is knuckling down on an industry giant in retaliation.

Gaming industry analyst LumberjackRy has come forward with a mighty claim, suggesting that if the Microsoft deal with Activision Blizzard goes through, PlayStation will attempt to buy Take-Two Interactive.

In case you need reminding, this is the company that owns the likes of the NBA and WWE licenses, as well as a little studio you might've heard of called Rockstar Games. Yes, that would involve Sony owning Grand Theft Auto

This is an incredibly bold claim, as PlayStation has been staunchly against the monopolisation of the industry, so this would be a potentially hypocritical business move on its part. However, if Xbox bags the Call of Duty team, Sony might not feel like it has a choice.

Leaker Suggests Take-Two Would Be Worth $20 Billion

The same leaker then replies to one response to his initial tweet, debunking a claim that Take-Two Interactive would be pretty far out of PlayStation's budget. According to the OP, Take-Two would be worth roughly $20 billion.

It seems like a maddening amount of money to the casual gamer, but other Twitter users have claimed that Rythian is pretty far off. With Zynga in tow, many think the company would be worth somewhere in the region of $40 billion.

Who knows what Take-Two would be worth or if it would even be willing to engage in such a deal - and that goes for PlayStation, too. If this was true, it might make PlayStation even more of a baddie to the games industry than Xbox.

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