Capcom Shows Off Resident Evil Village VR

Capcom Shows Off Resident Evil Village VR

Written by 

Tom Chapman


25th Aug 2022 14:47

We hope you packed a spare change of pants, and we don't just mean because you're inevitably going to get blood splashed on them playing Resident Evil Village... it's the other reason. Capcom is apparently giving a lucky few a first look at Resident Evil Village VR, and it's to showcase the potential of the PSVR2.

By the time we got to the sixth main Resident Evil in 2012, it's clear Capcom's shuffling shooter had lost its way - dishing out glossy cinematics instead of genuine frights. There wasn't even a dog jumping through a window. It was back to the drawing board for the once-lauded franchise, and although we didn't get Resident Evil 7 until 2017, it was well worth the wait.

Heading back to the horror roots of the franchise, the crumbling Baker Ranch had echoes of the Spencer Mansion's claustrophobia. However, a new first-person perspective made it a pants-wetting experience. And that was before you even played it in VR. Up there with Alien: IsolationResident Evil 7 VR is hailed as one of the scariest games ever, so we can't wait to see what Village is like with a VR revamp.

How Can You Play Resident Evil Village VR?

We've previously covered how one modder created a Resident Evil Village VR mod using the PC port, but now, we know an official release is on the way from Capcom itself. Although it's a bit of a trek, those attending Tokyo Game Show can get an exclusive look at how it's handling. 

According to Capcom's official site, there will be a limited number of places to try out the 2021 game in VR. The site explains how there are "trial numbered tickets," which can be obtained on a first-come first-served basis near the game's booth at the show. If you're sold, bring ID to prove your age and get ready to scream your head off in front of a crowd of strangers.


When Is PSVR2 Coming Out?

Apparently, the demo will take place in the early segment of Castle Dimitrescu. This makes sense because this is where Village's PlayStation demo took place, but still, we're a bit gutted we don't get to explore a different area. Then again, it makes sense to have us running away from Lady Alcina Dimitrescu in VR to showcase the potential of PSVR2. Village had some terrifying jumps (including THAT early scene with Ethan's hand), so strap it on your head and strap in for scares. 

If you survive the ordeal, you'll be given some limited edition punch pockets to prove you tried out Village VR before anyone else. As for the release of the PSVR2, Sony has just confirmed the successor to PSVR will be coming to shelves in "early 2023." Resident Evil Village VR was announced during Sony's State of Play in June, and will come as an exclusive addition to the PS5 version of the game. There's no news when Resident Evil Village VR is coming, but if it's already being showcased in demo form, we're hoping it could be one of the headset's launch titles.

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