Capcom is ruining our fun by blocking Resident Evil mods

Capcom is ruining our fun by blocking Resident Evil mods
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Tom Chapman


12th Jan 2024 12:56

Where would we be without modders? Giving a new lease of life to your games, the likes of Skyrim have been kept on life support for over a decade, thanks to the ever-creative modding community. We've already seen PC players improve Starfield via mods, fans have made a "proper" GTA Trilogy, and Elden Ring is a whole new game thanks to mods.

More than just stripping your characters nude or putting Thomas the Tank Engine in a variety of weird scenarios you'd never normally find him, mods can be used to fine-tune titles to make them better than the devs could. From graphical to performance buffs, mods are an essential part of gaming.

Capcom clamps down on modding

Resident Evil Revelations Artwork
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Well, there goes the ability to give Lady Dimitrscu massive breasts in Resident Evil Village. Capcom has seemingly added new digital rights management software to its PC catalogue. As Capcom continues its war against modding, the company has updated Resident Evil Revelations with new anti-modding software.

On the Steam forums, players have been poring over a SteamDB update and the apparent addition of The Enigma Protector. The Enigma Protector is an anti-tamper DRM, and according to The Enigma Protector website, will "protect the executable file from hacking, analysis, modification and disassembly."

More than clamping down on modders, the update is accused of stopping older Capcom games from being able to run, while some are reporting stuttering issues that are common with DRM. It's particularly strange that Capcom has started this rollout with Revelations - an 11-year-old game. 

Players aren't happy with Capcom

Capcom's crusade has been raging on for months, with an October dev video claiming modding is "no different than cheating. Saying mods are also "offensive to public order and morals," it seems all those NSFW mods have landed in Capcom's crosshairs. Given its stance on modding, the latest news isn't much of a surprise.
As pointed out by GamesRadar, a (now archived) post on the Enigma support forums has ruffled a few feathers. Here, an Enigma admin wrote, "Curious, what action do you need from us? And why do you blame us that someone use our software? Someone use, we do not push to use it. What is our guilt you think?"
Players are rightly furious, with someone saying, "FOV mods are cheats? Oh dear. Well this was sure an interesting and very professional response." Another added, "Modding a singleplayer game is not cheating, modifying your own software experience without affecting others is not cheating," while a third said, "Tell us you don't game on PC without telling us you don't game on PC."
Capcom has ironically removed the Resident Evil Revelations patch due to an "issue," although it will be rereleased when fixed. Capcom is coming for our mods, so don't say we didn't warn you.

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