Thomas The Tank Engine Is Finally In Elden Ring

Thomas The Tank Engine Is Finally In Elden Ring
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18th Mar 2022 10:36

Tickets please, tickets please. While FromSoftware's Elden Ring already has a suitably rousing soundtrack, we can hear the chugging of a certain loveable locomotive across the Lands Between. It was only a matter of time, but finally, someone has put Thomas the Tank Engine in Elden Ring

Like the turning of the tide, modding Thomas the Tank Engine into games has become a rite of passage. Starting back in 2013 when game designer Kevin "Trainwiz" Brock uploaded his "Really Useful World Eater" mod to Skyrim, Thomas has been rolling his way into everything from Cyberpunk 2077 to Resident Evil Village.

How Is Thomas The Tank Engine In Elden Ring?

The first enemy you encounter in Elden Ring is the beefed-up Tree Sentinel. Just like Bloodborne's opening wolf, you're supposed to cheese it around the Tree Sentinel because it's far too OP for your weak Tarnished to beat - although it is possible with a lot of skill and some luck. Part of what makes the Tree Sentinel so intimidating is its armoured horse, however, someone has given it a tweak. 

Posting on YouTube, a gamer called skymoon has swapped out the Tree Sentinel's trusted steed for something a little less imposing. You might recognise this blue engine from your childhood. The Tree Sentinel's ride still sounds like a horse and moves like a horse, but there's no escaping the fact it's Thomas the Tank Engine.

If hacking bits off Thomas the Tank Engine wasn't enough, the mod shows the Tarnished summoning Torrent the horse - who has also been morphed into a mini Thomas. Yes, you can ride Thomas around this rotten realm yourself. Sadly, swapping a horse for Thomas doesn't make your fight against the Tree Sentinel any easier. Thankfully, it also doesn't make it any harder.


Are There More Elden Ring Mods?

Keanu Reeves Elden Ring
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Nexus Mods

We're only just getting to grips with Elden Ring, and it looks like modders are too. So far, most of the mods are resigned to brightening the Lands Between, which deals with those complaints everything looks a little depressing. In a land populated by giant trolls, jade goblins, and sex toy centipedes, wouldn't you be a little depressed too? That doesn't mean there aren't some fun mods out there already. 

Alongside the Thomas mod, we've found one that can make Keanu Reeves your default character model. We're pretty sure John Wick would have the Lands Between fixed up in a jiffy. Of course, it didn't take long for some randy gamer to create a "nude female mod", while we've also found an Easy Mode mod to deal with those complaints Elden Ring is "too hard". All we need now is for someone to swap Malenia for Lady Dimitrescu, and we'll be happy.



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