The Call of Duty League has announced a $100,000 prize pool for Warzone Weekend, but can they attract the same numbers as Warzone Wednesdays?

17:30, 20 May 2020

Warzone Wednesdays have stamped its authority across the Call of Duty world, as the games most-watched competition on the game. But in recent Call of Duty news, the CDL has announced a recurring Warzone competition named ‘Warzone Weekend’ with a $100,000 weekly prize pool. But can the CDL rack up the same number of competitive Warzone viewers than Warzone Wednesdays?


What is Warzone Weekends?

In the first-ever Warzone private lobby, the 12 Call of Duty League teams will all join the same game and fight it out to be the last team standing. It will see previous Quads kill record-holders Priestahh and Celium go up for Atlanta FaZe against the likes of Scump for Chicago Huntsmen and Crimsix for Dallas Empire.

With each team in the Call of Duty League putting together a team of four, they will compete on Sunday afternoons, so that it doesn’t collide with their bi-weekly CDL Home Series events. With $100,000 up for grabs each week, the stakes are huge for each CDL team and could attract a huge audience, bringing together the competitive and Warzone fan bases.

The teams will have to feature at least three players from each CDL roster, with the fourth open to a player of their choice. The fourth member could be another member of the squad, or a non-CDL player, leaving an opportunity for special guests, meaning we could see players like Vikkstar123 make their presence known in this competition. The three-times winner of Warzone Wednesdays has already made himself comfortable with the Atlanta FaZe boys, teaming up in casual lobbies.

Could it unseat Warzone Wednesdays as the most popular CoD Competition?

Warzone Wednesdays attracts huge numbers of viewers each week. In a stream that concurs for 6/7 hours, it often racks up north of 1,000,000 combined hours of viewership each week. Within the first seven weeks of Warzone Wednesdays, only week three and four dipped below 1,000,000 total hours watched. With the change of format in Week five, to feature duos going head to head in a single lobby, similar to how KEEMSTARS Fortnite Fridays were ran, viewership began to soar each week, with, at most, 274,771 viewers at one time.

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This trumps the official Call of Duty League, who’s gameplay only peaked over 1,000,000 total hours watched on the first three game weeks, which spanned over 20-24 hours. With a maximum of 111,897 viewers at one time across all events, Warzone Wednesdays have it beat every week.

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However, this is due to the different game modes, with Warzone seemingly being much more popular than the competitive Call of Duty which consists of Hardpoint, Domination and Search and Destroy. Now that the professional players will be competing in Warzone too, this could attract both sets of fans to the only private lobby that Warzone has ever seen.


If 75% of both sets of fans tune in for the short stream, we could be looking at consistent numbers of north of 1,000,000, which could definitely rival Warzone Wednesdays.

Does this mean Warzone Wednesdays could flop?

With the array of fans that could tune in to Warzone Weekends, it’s highly likely that they will remain loyal to Warzone Wednesdays too. With them running on separate days the fanbase is likely to tune into both. The timing of Warzone Weekends is also ingenious, after attracting many Warzone fans to the competitive scene, the CDL’s finals will be running just hours after, which could attract a lot of CoD fans to the CDL. The introduction of this unique, high-stake game could certainly bring in a lot of viewers to the competitive scene.

Will any Warzone competition dip in viewers?

The losers here may be Syndicate Sundays. Being played at similar times, many streamers, and professional players, will be taken up by Warzone Weekends, limiting the number of popular names this series can attract. With viewers potentially preferring the unique game-style and huge prize pool, rather than the saturated format Syndicate Sundays is played in, Syndicate Sundays could lose out on a lot of fans.

The real winners are you

In a competition for audiences, the real winners are you at home. With yet another competition being live-streamed with all of your favourite players, fans at home are now spoilt for choice on what to watch. Another gripping competition means more Call of Duty to keep you entertained.


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