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14:50, 18 Aug 2020

The inaugural season of the Call of Duty League 2020 (CDL) is in full swing. A new era for Call of Duty esports sees 12 brand-new franchise teams compete in Home Series tournaments across the globe. Teams will battle it out in each Home Series to rack up as many CDL Points as possible, to determine their respective place in the league table before the Playoffs later this year. Earning up to 50 points and cash prizes for coming first in a Home Series, the higher-seeded teams will face an easier route in the Play-Offs, with The Call of Duty League Championship up for grabs, crowning the best competitive CoD team on the planet.

In recent Call of Duty news, the Call of Duty League 2020 schedule has been altered due to the Coronavirus pandemic, transitioning online rather than LAN, meaning each Home Series will be played behind closed doors.

In this article, you will find an up-to-date league table, the schedule for the rest of the season, the official set of rules, and the full team rosters.

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Call of Duty League 2020 Standings
CDL Schedule
Official CDL Rules
Call of Duty League Team Rosters

Our Call of Duty League Hub is updated after each Home Series, with updated standings and schedules, as well as how to watch the next Home Series and everything you need to know.

Call of Duty League Standings

The final standings in the league play are as follows:

Current Call of Duty League Standings 2020
CDL Standings | Image via Call of Duty League

EP = Events Played

MW = Matches Won

MW = Matches Lost

Each Home Series will consist of eight out of the 12 teams, with allowing each team to play eight home series in addition to the Launch Weekend (which featured all 12 teams who played two randomly selected fixtures, where a win was worth 10 points). This structure allows two groups of four, which allows each team to play at least twice, and allows for even progression to the semi-finals and therefore final. The semi-finals and final will be a single-elimination game where there are no second chances. The victor of the final will be crowned champions of this home series and rewarded with the maximum points and a cash prize. 

Each victory a team gets at a Home Series is worth 10 points, with an additional 10 going to the winners, meaning that the winners of a Home Series will earn 50 points. The breakdown of points rewarded are as follows:

  • Winner - 50 points
  • Runner-up - 30 points
  • 3rd/4th place - 20 points
  • 5th/6th place - 10 points
  • 7th/8th place - 0 points.

The league positions determine how the teams will be seeded in the Championship Play-offs which will crown the overall champions of the Call of Duty League. Announced on May 19, the Championships finals will feature all 12 teams. With a total prize pool of $4.6million, the highest-seeded places are guaranteed money. 

  • 1st (2020 Champion): $2,000,000
  • 2nd (1 team): $1,000,000
  • 3rd (1 team): $500,000
  • 4th (1 team): $300,000
  • 5th (2 teams): $200,000
  • 7th (2 teams): $125,000
  • 9th (2 teams): $75,000
  • 11th/12th (2 teams, last place): $0

CDL Finals Brackets:

Ahead of the World Championships starting August 19, this is how the bracket will start off for the Playoffs.


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CDL Schedule

Minnesota Launch Weekend: January 24-26

The launch weekend saw each team play twice, with 10 points per win available. Straying away from the usual tournament format for a chance to see everybody in action and see how teams performed on the big stage, Launch Weekend was a huge success for teams like Minnesota who were playing in front of their home crowd, racking up two wins. Four teams notched up two wins (Chicago Huntsmen, Atlanta FaZe, Paris Legion, and Minnesota Rokkr) leaving them with a 20-point boost in the league.

Four teams also lost both games (Dallas Empire, New York Subliners, OpTic Gaming LA and Seattle Surge) seeing some disappointing performances from teams that were tipped to be a great success. Surge with the most experienced team in CDL was expected to be around the top of the table but struggled in Launch Weekend.


  • Atlanta FaZe (2-0) - 20 points 
  • Chicago Huntsmen (2-0) - 20 points
  • Minnesota Rokkr (2-0) - 20 points
  • Paris Legion (2-0) - 20 points
  • Florida Mutineers (1-1) - 10 points
  • London Royal Ravens (1-1) - 10 points
  • Los Angeles Guerrillas (1-1) - 10 points
  • Toronto Ultra (1-1) - 10 points
  • Dallas Empire (0-2) - 0 points
  • New York Subliners (0-2) - 0 points
  • OpTic Gaming LA (0-2) - 0 points
  • Seattle Surge (0-2) - 0 points
Launch Weekend

London Royal Ravens Home Series: February 8-9

The Call of Duty League hit the UK in the first tournament-style Home Series, with the London Royal Ravens as entertaining hosts. Kicking on from Launch Weekend, the Chicago Huntsmen remained undefeated, easing through the London Home Series whilst stirring an intense rivalry with the Dallas Empire along the way. Scumpy and Formal now getting the better of Clayster and Crimsix in their first three clashes, words were exchanged and a rivalry ignited. Chicago were worthy winners though, taking the final 3-0.

London Royal Ravens also stepped up their game for the home crowd, reaching the semi-finals and pushing the Dallas Empire to a Map Five. Losing round 11 on Search and Destroy, the Ravens were sent packing, agonisingly close to the final. A surprise placing from Paris Legion, also saw them reach the semi-finals pushing the Huntsmen to a Map Five. A promising opening tournament for the European underdogs.

London Home Series Standings:

WINNER - Chicago Huntsmen + 50 points
2nd - Dallas Empire + 30 points
3rd/4th - London Royal Ravens + 20 points
3rd/4th - Paris Legion + 20 points
5th/6th - New York Subliners + 10 points
5th/6th - Seattle Surge + 10 points
7th/8th - Los Angeles Guerrillas = 0 points
7th/8th - Toronto Ultra = 0 points

Chicago Huntsmen

Atlanta FaZe Home Series: February 22-23

The Atlanta FaZe became the first team successfully defend their own Home Series in the Call of Duty League. Showing off their style and aggressive playing nature, Atlanta FaZe ripped through all of their opponents, only dropping three maps in the process. Although they found their match in the Minnesota Rokkr, they came back from the dead to reverse-sweep the Rokkr in the semi-finals and ease through the finals vs Florida Mutineers 3-0. 

Chicago Huntsmen came into the series as favourites alongside FaZe, but suffered their first defeat of the season to the Florida Mutineers. Have the Huntsmen found their kryptonite? Minnesota Rokkr and the Florida Mutineers proved themselves as outside contenders for the league, showing their skills against the two favourites. These two could easily use the Atlanta Home Series to kick on and win a Home Series in the near future.

Atlanta Home Series Standings:

WINNER - Atlanta FaZe + 50 points
2nd - Florida Mutineers + 30 points
3rd/4th - Chicago Huntsmen + 20 points
3rd/4th - Minnesota Rokkr + 20 points
5th/6th - London Royal Ravens + 10 points
5th/6th - Paris Legion + 10 points
7th/8th - OpTic Gaming LA = 0 points
7th/8th - Toronto Ultra = 0 points

Atlanta FaZe

Los Angeles Home Series: March 7-8

Hosted by both Los Angeles Guerrillas and OpTic Gaming Los Angeles, the LA Home Series threw more contenders into the mix for the top spot. With no single team being able to dominate at the League, the LA Home Series saw Dallas Empire ignite, in the absence of their rivals Chicago Huntsmen. Both Dallas and Minnesota Rokkr proved once again that they have what it takes to go the distance, and are both improving with every event. 

Both Los Angeles teams faced for the first time to insert their dominance in LA, with OpTic Gaming proving they are still a force to reckon with. After going down two maps to nil, OpTic was able to secure three maps in a row on each of the game modes to paint Los Angeles green. 

FaZe were finally defeated by Minnesota Rokkr who seem to have FaZe's number. Having narrowly been beaten in the Atlanta Home Series, 3-2, Rokkr went one better this time to end FaZe's unbeaten start. Rokkr endlessly entertained us with two of the closely contested Hardpoint matches we have seen, pipping Dallas and Atlanta 250-247 on Hackney Yard and Rammaza respectively. Absolute clutch kings. The LA Home Series was the most entertaining so far, a reminder why we love competitive Call of Duty so much.

Los Angeles Home Series Standings:

WINNER - Dallas Empire + 50 points
2nd - Minnesota Rokkr + 30 points
3rd/4th - Atlanta FaZe + 20 points
3rd/4th - OpTic Gaming LA + 20 points
5th/6th - Florida Mutineers + 10 points
5th/6th - Seattle Surge + 10 points
7th/8th - LA Guerrillas = 0 points
7th/8th - New York Subliners = 0 points

Dallas Empire Crimsix

Dallas Empire Home Series: April 10-12

Due to the Coronavirus, there had been a break that saw no competitive Call of Duty for over a month. Activision made the decision to reignite the CDL, but transition the league to an online format, and span each 'Home Series' across three days; Friday to Sunday. The Dallas Home Series was the first to have the online format. The Florida Mutineers were victorious this time around, with yet another new winner of a Home Series, now having four different winners from four series.

Both favourites, Dallas Empire and Chicago Huntsmen fell in the semi-finals to Minnesota Rokkr and Florida Mutineers respectively; who both came back from the knockout stages to reach the final. Having three final losses between them so far, it was time for one of them to step up and take a Home Series by the scruff of the neck, and due to impressive displays by Fero and Frosty, Florida Mutineers were able to sink the Rokkr and feed them to the Kraken. 

Dallas Home Series Standings:

WINNER - Florida Mutineers + 50 points
2nd - Minnesota Rokkr + 30 points
3rd/4th - Dallas Empire + 20 points
3rd/4th - Chicago Huntsmen + 20 points
5th/6th - Paris Legion + 10 points
5th/6th - Toronto Ultra + 10 points
7th/8th - LA Guerrillas = 0 points
7th/8th - Seattle Surge = 0 points

Florida Mutineers

Chicago Huntsmen Home Series: April 24-26

With the CDL back in full swing, the top three teams in Atlanta FaZe, Dallas Empire and Chicago Huntsmen were all in action. The absence of the Florida Mutineers and the Minnesota Rokkr gave some of the lower teams in the current standings opportunity to face each other to rack up the all-important CDL points to push for the Play-Off places. Hosts, Chicago Huntsmen, struggled, losing their first match to the New York Subliners, and let their rivals, Dallas Empire, sweep them aside 3-0 in the Semi-Finals. The Huntsmen disappointed but in this incredibly competitive league, credit has to go to teams like New York Subliners, who have shown that anybody can upset the big teams on their day.

With some record-breaking performances from Simp, Atlanta FaZe stormed through the group stages competently. Simp managed to rack up an incredible 49 kills on Hardpoint versus the London royal Ravens, which was a record number of kills in the CDL. But their impressive performances were suffocated by the veterans Clayster and Crimsix, as Dallas Empire showed incredible patience and map control to thwart the aggressive style of Atlanta FaZe. winning the final 3-1, Dallas Empire were crowned winners of the Chicago Home Series and became the first team to win multiple events.

Chicago Home Series Standings:

WINNER - Dallas Empire + 50 points
2nd - Atlanta FaZe + 30 points
3rd/4th - Seattle Surge + 20 points
3rd/4th - Chicago Huntsmen + 20 points
5th/6th - New York Subliners + 10 points
5th/6th - Los Angeles Guerrillas + 10 points
7th/8th - London Royal Ravens 0 points
7th/8th - OpTic Gaming Los Angeles = 0 points

Dallas Empire

Florida Mutineers Home Series: May 8-10

The Florida Mutineers Home Series saw some intriguing encounters as the Call of Duty League 2020 started to take shape. This was most teams' fifth Home Series and voids between the top teams and the lower play-off places started to become apparent. Florida Mutineers and Minnesota Rokkr were back in action as they looked to cement themselves in the top half and challenge Dallas Empire at the top of the league.

OpTic Gaming's Resurgence was the talking point of the Florida Home Series as they steamrolled their way from the elimination round to the finals, after back to back 3-0 wins over Paris Legion and the London Royal Ravens. Overcoming surprise Semi-final contenders Toronto Ultra, OGLA went through to the final as 3-2 victors. Falling short at the final hurdle, OpTic were defeated by favourites Atlanta FaZe, but shown why this league is the most competitive competition Call of Duty has seen in years.

Florida Home Series Standings:

WINNER - Atlanta FaZe + 50 points
2nd - Optic Gaming LA + 30 points
3rd/4th - Toronto Ultra + 20 points
3rd/4th - New York Subliners + 20 points
5th/6th - London Royal Ravens + 10 points
5th/6th - Minnesota Rokkr + 10 points
7th/8th - Paris Legion = 0 points
7th/8th - Florida Mutineers = 0 points


Seattle Surge Home Series: May 22-24

As we neared the halfway mark, we saw the first roster changes in the CDL this season, as Prestinni joined Chicago Huntsmen, and Zer0 joined London Royal Ravens. The Seattle Surge Home Series was set to have fireworks, and the absence of the top two sides, Atlanta FaZe and Dallas Empire, left a chance for some mid-table teams to push towards the top.

With Zer0 joining London Royal Ravens, the UK-based side swept aside their competition in swift fashion, including the New York Subliners and OpTic Gaming LA, both of whom are in a similar bracket to London and have been in great form previously. After reaching the final they were beaten by Chicago Huntsmen, who themselves had been hugely impressive, with twins Arcitys and Prestinni showing why they're the best in the business.

Los Angeles Home Series Standings:

WINNER - Chicago Huntsmen + 50 points
2nd - London Royal Ravens + 30 points
3rd/4th - New York Subliners + 20 points
3rd/4th - OpTic Gaming LA + 20 points
5th/6th - Los Angeles Guerrillas + 10 points
5th/6th - Minnesota Rokkr + 10 points
7th/8th - Paris Legion = 0 points
7th/8th - Seattle Surge = 0 points


Minnesota Rokkr Home Series: June 12-14

The Rokkr had been out of sorts in recent events but were looking to bounce back this time around as they hosted the eighth home series. The Minnesota Home Series was delayed by one week due to the Black Lives Matter campaign and peaceful protests across the world, and the internet, showing respect for the campaign. With all five of the top teams attending, the delay meant teams could focus on their strategies in the meantime, especially the hosts who had no small feat to try and turn around their luck. The big dogs were out to play, and the underdogs were looming in the shadows to pounce on any lapses in concentration.

You can find a full recap of the Minnesota Rokkr Home Series here.

The Minnesota Home Series highlighted the flaws of online play. The Seattle Surge was in pole position to turn around their recent misfortunes and bounce back from Karma's retirement with a solid 2-0 lead over Atlanta FaZe. However, after the second map, an apparent technical delay occurred and the CDL held up the series by around 45 minutes halting the momentum Seattle gained and allowed FaZe to reset and go over strategy. This clearly helped, as Atlanta took the next three maps to win the series in a reverse sweep. The CDL was heavily criticised for this, seemingly denying the Surge a straightforward win. The rest of the tournament was the Florida Mutineers show. The Chicago Huntsmen, Dallas Empire and Atlanta FaZe all fell to the sword that the Mutineers sheathed, in the hands of Skyz. 

Minnesota Rokkr Home Series Standings

WINNER - Florida Mutineers + 50 points
2nd - Atlanta FaZe + 30 points
3rd/4th - Dallas Empire + 20 points
3rd/4th - Los Angeles Guerrillas + 20 points
5th/6th - Seattle Surge + 10 points
5th/6th - Chicago Huntsmen + 10 points
7th/8th - Minnesota Rokkr = 0 points
7th/8th - Toronto Ultra = 0 points

Paris Legion Home Series: June 19-21

In the second consecutive weekends of the Call of Duty League, the Paris Legion Home Series was a chance for the teams at the lower end of the league to rack up some vital CDL points. Last weeks finalists, Atlanta Faze and Florida Mutineers, featured again and were heavy favourites to meet again in the final.

You can find a full recap of the Paris Legion Home Series here.

It was plain sailing for both Atlanta FaZe and Florida Mutineers again, as they stamped their authority on the league. The most vital of points went to New York Subliners who managed to get themselves a semi-final placement; 20 vital points for the Subliners as they attempt to break out of the bottom half. The Florida Mutineers were unstoppable again though and showed their current dominance throughout the league. Suiting the online play, the Mutineers ran riot to become the first team to hit back-to-back event wins, and the first team to have three chips. The CDL is fearing the deep.

Paris Legion Home Series Standings

WINNER - Florida Mutineers + 50 points
2nd - Atlanta FaZe + 30 points
3rd/4th - Dallas Empire + 20 points
3rd/4th - New York Subliners + 20 points
5th/6th - London Royal Ravens + 10 points
5th/6th - Toronto Ultra + 10 points
7th/8th - OpTic Gaming Los Angeles = 0 points
7th/8th - Paris Legion = 0 points

New York Subliners Home Series: July 10-12

With just three home series left before champs, points were absolutely crucial. The in-form team in the league, the Florida Mutineers, watched on from home, allowing the top teams to fight it out for the chip and the 50 points that could cement their final placement. Down the other end of the table, 10 points can be the difference between the lower bracket and the round one, meaning everything was to play for.

You can a full recap of the New York Home Series here.

The brackets were set for Chicago Huntsmen and Atlanta FaZe to have their first match of the season in the final here, with two favourable groups, but Toronto ultra had different ideas, beating FaZe in the second round, resulting in a semi-final match-up between the two favourites. The Huntsmen were on fire and steamrolled the young FaZe side who struggled with the new meta favouring Assault Rifles. Chicago ran out of steam after the intense sweeping of FaZe, suffering a 3-0 defeat to the hands of the hosts, the New York Subliners. NY didn't drop a single map during day three and became the second team to defend their own home series.

New York Subliners Home Series Standings:

WINNER - New York Subliners + 50 points
2nd - Chicago Huntsmen + 30 points
3rd/4th - Atlanta FaZe + 20 points
3rd/4th - Toronto Ultra + 20 points
5th/6th - London Royal Ravens + 10 points
5th/6th - Paris Legion + 10 points
7th/8th - Minnesota Rokkr = 0 points
7th/8th - Los Angeles Guerrillas = 0 points

London Royal Ravens Home Series #2: July 17-19

The Royal Ravens played host to the penultimate home series event, as teams started to cement their final standings and warm-up for champs. The Mutineers returned looking to kick on from their impressive form before their week off and break into the top two. Dallas was also be looking to capitalise on the absence of Chicago and Atlanta, to get some extra points on the board. The battle for eighth place heated up too with London Royal Ravens breaking away from the pack. OpTic Gaming, Seattle Surge, Paris Legion, and LA Guerrillas all looked to get crucial points that will keep them away from the bottom four.

Paris Legion was the surprise aspect of the second London Home Series, as they beat the hosts, New York Subliners, and Los Angeles Guerrillas on the way to a final, securing 30 crucial points to lift them out of the top eight. Barring a miracle at the Toronto Series, they pulled themselves out of the qualification bracket. Dallas Empire beat Florida in the semi-finals to advance to the final, only losing one map all weekend. A comfortable 50 points went the Empires way.

London Royal Ravens Home Series Standings:

WINNER - Dallas Empire + 50 points
2nd - Paris Legion + 30 points
3rd/4th - London Royal Ravens + 20 points
3rd/4th - Florida Mutineers + 20 points
5th/6th - OpTic Gaming + 10 points
5th/6th - New York Subliners + 10 points
7th/8th - Seattle Surge = 0 points
7th/8th - Los Angeles Guerrillas = 0 points


Toronto Ultra Home Series: July 24-26

The final Home Series was hosted by Toronto Ultra. Four teams had already finished their journey in the league, with Paris Legion bowing out after their first series final last time round, New York and London both securing fifth and sixth position respectively, and Los Angeles sat rock bottom of the pack. The final home series featured all of the top four, and four teams competing for eighth place. the final home series was as tense as ever.

The hosts played their part this weekend, as they romped through to win the event, despite allegations running rife throughout the league regarding the 'start glitch'. Toronto secured a top eight finish alongside Minnesota ROKKR who themselves had another dismal weekend. up at the top, FaZe secured top position by reaching the finals, whilst Dallas fended off competition from the Huntsmen and Florida Mutineers to secure second. Going into champs, the brackets had been solidified.

WINNER - Toronto Ultra + 50 points
2nd - Atlanta FaZe + 30 points
3rd/4th - OpTic Gaming Los Angeles + 20 points
3rd/4th - Dallas Empire + 20 points
5th/6th - Florida Mutineers + 10 points
5th/6th - Chicago Huntsmen + 10 points
7th/8th - Seattle Surge = 0 points
7th/8th - Minnesota ROKKR = 0 points

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World Championships: August 19-30

Everything you need to know about the Call of Duty League 2020 World Championships can be found here at our coverage hub

Official CDL Rules

As of writing (April 20, 2020 the ruleset that is used for Call of Duty esports looks like this:

Domination: Two five-minute rounds, the team with the highest score wins.

Maps include: Gun Runner, Hackney Yard & St. Petrograd.

Hardpoint: Five minutes on the game clock, the first team to 250 or the team with the highest score after five minutes wins.

Maps include: Azhir Cave, Gun Runner, Hackney Yard, Ramazza & St. Petrograd.

Search & Destroy: First team to win six rounds wins, 1 minute 30 second rounds, five-second bomb plant time and a 7.5 second bomb defuse time.

Maps include: Arklov Peak, Gun Runner, Piccadilly, Rammaza & St. Petrograd

A full list of all the settings for each game mode can be found on the Call of Duty League website.

Restricted Items

Competitive Call of Duty differs a lot from the casual side of the game. There are a lot of items that have been restricted by the league alongside the “Gentlemen’s Agreement” between the players. Known as the GA, it builds on the restrictions from the official rules and includes the blanket ban of killstreaks, suppressors and a specific amount of utility that can be used in Search & Destroy.

Primary Weapons:

  • Assault Rifles

    • FAL
  • LMG (All)

    • SA87
    • M91
    • PKM
    • MG34
    • L86A2
  • Shotgun (All)

    • Model 680
    • R9-0 Shotgun
    • 725 Origin
    • Origin 12 Shotgun
  • Marksman Rifles (All)

    • EBR-14
    • MK2 Carbine
    • kar98k
    • SKS Rifle
    • Crossbow
  • Melee

    • Riot Shield

Secondary Weapons:

  • All Launchers


  • Underbarrel

    • Merc Foregrip
    • 203 40mm Concussive
    • M203 40mm Smokescreen
    • M203 40mm Recon
    • M203 40mm High-Explosive
    • M203 40mm Flash
    • M203 40mm Incendiary
    • 12 Gauge Deputy
  • Laser (All)

    • 1mW Laser
    • 5mW Laser
    • Tac Laser
  • Perks

    • Frangible - Wounding
    • Frangible – Disabling
  • Ammunition
    • All ammunition rounds


  • Perk 1

    • Kill Chain
    • Quick Fix
  • Perk 2

    • Hardline
    • High Alert
    • Overkill
    • Restock
  • Perk 3

    • Shrapnel
    • Tracker
  • Perks

    • Specialist


  • Lethal

    • Claymore
    • C4
    • Molotov Cocktail
    • Throwing Knife
    • Proximity Mine
    • Thermite
  • Tactical

    • Decoy Grenades
    • Gas Grenade
    • Heartbeat Sensor
    • Snapshot Grenade
    • Stim

Field Upgrades:

  • Recon Drone
  • Stopping Power
  • Weapon Drop
  • Tactical Insertion
  • Deployable Cover


  • Call of Duty League Operator Skins (Any)

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Call of Duty League Team Rosters

CDL Teams

The Call of Duty League is made up from a total of 12 teams, and each team has to have between seven and ten players signed up to their active roster. This can be made of players, substitutes and coaches; although it is quite common for coaches to double up as substitutes should they need to step in.

Here are the teams' full rosters:

Atlanta Faze Team Roster:

aBezy, Simp, Cellium, MajorManiak, Priestahh, GRVTY (Sub), JurNii (Sub), Crowder (Coach), RJ (Assistant Coach), EasyMac (Analyst)

Chicago Huntsmen Team Roster:

Arcitys, Envoy, FormaL, Prestinni, Scump, General (Sub), MBoZe (Sub), Gunless (Sub), Sender (Coach), 2Pac (Analyst)

Dallas Empire Team Roster:

Clayster, Crimsix, iLLeY, Huke, Shotzzy, Tisch (sub), Tommey (Sub)

Florida Mutineers Team Roster:

Frosty, Havok, Fero, Owakening, Skyz, Maux (Sub), ManiaC (Sub) Atura (Coach/Sub)

London Royal Ravens Team Roster:

Dylan, Zer0, Seany, skrapz, Wuskin, Rated (Sub), MadCat (Sub), Jurd (Sub), Joee (Coach), ShAnE (Strategic coach), Dominate (Strategic coach)

Los Angeles Guerrillas Team Roster:

AquA, Blazt, Decemate, Saints, Vivid, Lacefield (Sub), Spart (Sub), Ricky (Sub/Assistant Coach) Bevils (Coach), Doug Liebe (Analyst)

Minnesota ROKKR Team Roster:

Alexx, Asim, Assault, Exceed, Silly, GodRx (Sub), TTinyy (Sub), Saintt (Coach), REPPIN (Lead analyst & assistant coach)

New York Subliners Team Roster: 

Accuracy, Attach, Mack, Temp, ZooMaa, Censor (Sub), Happy (Sub), Revan (Coach), JP Krez (Analyst)

OpTic Gaming Los Angeles Team Roster:

Drazah, Hollow, Kuavo, SlasheR, TJHaLy, Chino (Sub), Dashy (Sub), Goonjar (Sub), JKap (Sub), Pacman (Coach)

Paris Legion Team Roster:

Denz, KiSMET, Louqa, Shockz, Zed, Phantomz (Sub), Breszy (Sub), Joshh (Coach), Op2 (Coach), NovusVita (Analyst)

Seattle Surge Team Roster:

Apathy, Octane, Pandur, Proto, Slacked, Enable (Sub), JoeyNubzy (Coach), TeddyRecKs (Analyst & SnD specialist)

Toronto Ultra Team Roster: 

Bance, Cammy, Classic, CleanX, Methodz, Loony (Sub), MeTTalZ (Sub), Brack (Sub), Lucky (Sub), Mayhem (Sub), MarkyB (Coach)

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Stay tuned on our Call of Duty League hub for constant updates and results, here at GGRecon.

Images via Activision & Call of Duty League

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