Call of Duty Zombies x Madagascar mods will ruin your childhood

Call of Duty Zombies x Madagascar mods will ruin your childhood
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Joseph Kime


23rd Nov 2023 15:20

The sting of how much Call of Duty Zombies has changed remains heartbreaking to many because of just how many loved and experienced how it appeared in its first form. It's fair to say, the round-based mode that began in 2008's World at War's Nacht Der Untoten has transformed plenty.

When it comes to 2023's Modern Warfare 3, Zombies is an open-world experience akin to DMZ, however, there are talks of returning to the round-based glory days of Treyarch's early attempts. 

Elsewhere, modders are still using the classic Zombiews structure to bring to life new, bizarre, and maddening experiences for the World At War and Black Ops games on PC. Now, one of those experiences might just ruin your childhood.

Call of Duty Zombies mods lets you mow down King Julians

It's what he deserves, to be fair, the annoying little pest. A new Call of Duty x Madagascar mod (via PCGamesN) is taking players back a good decade or so, and depending on where you are, halfway around the world.

The viral mod sees (what appears to be) World at War's Zombies mode infected with the critters of Dreamworks' classic animated movie. Players take the role of one of the four penguins, shooting up a tropical island that's peppered with the corpses of the film's core cast. You also take on hordes of King Julien.

The mod was shared by YouTuber ToastedShoes, and they revealed just how chaotic the mod itself becomes. ToastedShoes is known as one of the wackiest modders out there, having previously added Shrek to Resident Evil 4 and overrunning Elden Ring with everything from Homer Simpson to Thomas the Tank Engine.  

The creator of the Madagascar Call of Duty mod is a Zombies prodigy

The creator of the map has proven himself to be something of a modded Zombies icon, winning a contest run by NoahJ456 with the map to win $10,000. He's also made a collection of themed maps for the game, including ones designed for the Sidemen and Mr Beast.

ToastedShoes' work is pretty amazing, and you can see it all on his YouTube channel. Sadly, as these mods aren't typically made public, it's unlikely you'll be able to take them for a spin. It's a shame if you're anything like us and think King Juilen isn't getting enough of what he deserves.

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