Call of Duty Mobile players banned over in-game outfit

Call of Duty Mobile players banned over in-game outfit
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Jack Marsh


18th Sep 2023 16:50

The Call of Duty Mobile skin "Tracer Pack: Hear No Evil" might be all about blocking out the haters, but anyone using it in the game will face a block of their own, as Activision is putting up a wall against the skin.

Call of Duty Mobile is often applauded for its outrageous skin game, including weapon blueprints and Operator bundles.

But one that didn't go down too well was the Hear No Evil gorilla-themed bundle, and now, after its removal from the game, players who bought it or have acquired it through other means are being banned from the game for 30 days if they use it.

Call of Duty Mobile players are being banned for using a paid skin

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Imagine spending hard-earning money on your hobby, just for it to get you banned, as the creators of the skin have decided that nobody is allowed it anymore. Well, that seems to be the case with Call of Duty Mobile. 

After waves of players have been handed a 30-day ban on the game, there was a wealth of confusion as to why. But all players have reportedly had one thing in common - they were using the gorilla skin in the same Tracer Pack.

According to players, a ban marker has been placed against the now-removed item, which is resulting in players being suspended, even if they bought it legitimately during the time it was in the store. 

Why are CoD Mobile players being banned?


The Hear No Evil skin was previously branded as racist by players, or at least serves as a catalyst for illicit behaviour, ahead of its leaked arrival into Modern Warfare 2.

It was also never intended to be in the game, according to past reports, and was only live in CoD Mobile for a matter of hours before being pulled off the shelf. 

Now, Activision is doing everything in its power to keep the skin off the game, and that even includes banning those who bought it.  According to the Twitter user CODWarfareForum, you get a 30-day ban every single time you try to use the skin.

So, make sure you're sticking with Snoop Dogg if you want fur in your life, or stay even safer with the trusty Captain Price moving forward.

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